Dilemma...symbolic/legal ceremony... what to do?!?!

Hi guys!

We are planning our wedding for November 2010, in Prague (we met there), but we are shortly moving to Cambodia. Have been looking at a lot of the wedding planner's websites in Prague, and some of them offer a 'symbolic' wedding type deal, whereby you can get married anywhere/anytime and totally personalise the ceremony, and they say that none of your guests really need to know - and its a fair bit cheaper than having a legal wedding. Do you think people would be able to tell???

We're having guests flying in from America and all over Europe (H2b is American and I'm Scottish) and so I don't know how people would react if we went down the symbolic route and told them in advance... oh its just symbolic therefore I'm not coming type thing...it does make sense financially because we could get married legally in Cambodia/Scotland or America just before the wedding and save a ton of money on our Prague ceremony...

Do you think if we did this it would feel strange to be having 2 weddings? And if we got married legally by ourselves beforehand with a couple of random witnesses would that make our Prague wedding less special????

Anybody done/considering anything similar to this?


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