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Were getting married in St Lucia in May 09 but we have just come accross a problem. Basically h2b's gran and grandad want to come to the wedding but his grandad is too ill, but his gran still wants to come without him. She said she would like to go with her son (h2b's dad) and his wife so she has someone to go with. We mentioned this to h2b's dad the other day, to which he said he would not go with his mum as she would drive him crazy, and he doesn't know how to tell her not to come without hurting her feelings. But obviously we want h2b's gran there so we are trying to find a solution where she can still go. Everyone is staying in different hotels btw as h2b's mum and dad don't get on, and my parents already have time share over there so they are staying there. His gran can't stay with us either as were in a couples only resort. I have been racking my brain for solutions but I am stuck - any ideas would be great.




  • Hiya

    I am also having trouble with arrangements! My mam, dad, sister, aunty and great aunty have all booked up to stay in the same hotel, only problem is now my aunty has falling out with my mam and has said she is no longer coming! My sisters bf is looking into taking her place but then that means my great aunty either staying with my sister and bf or my mam and dad! She's not best pleased and i could tell she was upset by this when i last saw her! My family are mental and cause so much bother! Just wish we had booked to go ourselves with no one else!

    Anyway back to you lol Can your H2Bs gran not go with your H2Bs dad and wife i.e fly with them but stay in a sepearte room in the hotel? At least then she is there but not constantly with your H2Bs dad? Long shot but does she have a friend she could take? is it a deffinate no that your H2Bs grandad can not go? Is there no other member of the family she could go with? H2B's aunty or cousin? Is everyone going for 1 week or 2 weeks? As you could just ask your H2Bs dad if he would let her go with them just for the week so she doesn't miss out. Only other thing i can think of is setting up a webcam so they can watch from home or doing something special when you get home just for his granparents.

    Sorry not much help! Tricky situation.

    Clur xx
  • Awww i'm sorry to hear about your situation. Hope it all gets sorted out.

    We have tried the whole stay in a different room thing, or just going for a week but h2b's dad is having none of it and is just refusing to comprimise. There is no one else going that she knows hence the issue and there is no way his grandad can go he can barely move around the house let alone go abroad.

    I like the webcam idea, thats quite sweet. Might contact the resort see if they have the facilities to set one up.

    Thanks for that.

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