Worried over Euro. anyone else?

Im getting really worried over how much the wedding is going to cost now.... We bedgeted £6k for everything and thats with party over here, dj, buffett, favours, outfits ect.

I am so worried that it is going to cost alot more than we expected. We have the money but thats not the point, the whole reason we had it over there was partly because we were saving alot more money. Anyone else worried? ximage


  • Hi MrsAlder2B

    We're also very worried about the Euro. Same as you, we have the money put aside but our work situation hasn't been great this year - both of us in and out of temporary jobs - and we've had to rely on our wedding savings from time to time.

    I'm going to contact my wedding planner in January and see if she can firm up any of the costs for us or at least give us a better estimate.
  • Hi everyone,

    I'm very new to this forum but it's got so much valuable information. I am hoping to get married this year in Italy -I know it's late planning when I look at how long in advance everybody has booked. However, with the Euro prices it doesn't look as attractive. We might just end up doing it in the UK afterall.

    I'm looking for a Venue in Tuscany for approx 70 people who will be travelling from all over the work.

    I'm also hoping for a catholic wedding ceremony in a church. However, my H2B is Prodestant - is it possible and how easy is the paperwork? If anyone can advise I'll save me trawling through website after website.


  • winkypotwinkypot Posts: 402
    Have been finding the same thing with the pound vs Canadian dollar. Am wishing I'd paid upfront for everything back when the exchange rate was better, and not just the deposit. Everything's working out a bit more expensive now.
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