Confetti at Cloisters, Sorrento

Hi Folks

I am getting married in Sorrento in May 2009, at Cloisters. I wondered if anyone knew if rose petals/confetti can be scatter on the floor by the flower girls as they walk down the 'aisle'

Thanks and Good Luck to you all x:\)


  • Hi Emma,

    When we were out in sorrento last year planning for our wedding there this year, we were told it is ok for the flower girls to scatter a few flowers, don't think they allow confetti inside the Cloisters itself. Think they said we would have to clean the flowers up afterwards, but don't know how strict they are on that, as didn't see any weddings which had a flower girl.

    Hope this helps
  • hi, my uncle got married here - it was the nicest wedding I have ever been too! such a wonderful place. As they came out on the steps we threw confetti over them... im not sure about inside the cloisters bit itself! X
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    I have been told that no confetti or petals are allowed in the Cloister. But you can have it as you come out.

    I think because there is a wedding every hour there is no time to clean up between.
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    Hi - thanks to you all for replying.

    Seems strange that you have can petal baskets on your list of extras from the Wedding Co-ordinator if you can't scatter them inside !?

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    Hi Emma J - don't want to gatecrash this thread, but was wondering which wedding planner you are using? We want to get married next March in Cloisters, and are going out this March to hopefully meet with some wedding planners before deciding who to go with, and could do with some recommendations!!

    Thanks in advance!
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    Hi ElRice

    We are using Alessandra from Book of Dreams - she has been really good, even after the 100 emails I have sent to her!

    She has organised the booking and also the flowers and then when we get there the mandolin player.

    She sent me an email a couple of weeks ago to plan a meeting when we go out, to organise this.

    She also gave me lots of information on reception venues. However I have organised this myself and contacted the restuarant direct by email.

    The only thing I would say is that the extra's seem a little expensive - I don't think that Alessandra particularly. If you put the 'W' word infront of anything the price doubles!!!!!

    But looking at other people's threads, it seems you can do quite a lot yourself and get it cheaper. I have organised transport cheaper certainly. But aren't having hair and makeup done and photo's. We are asking the guests to be our photographers for the day, so that we can have lots of relaxed shots, rather than lots of formal photo's

    1 thing I was chuffed with was the flowers which are included in the price, Alessandra sent me some pictures to choose from and they are really fab!

    Let me know if you need any further information

    Take Care E x
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    Hi EmmaJ - that's really helpful, thanks. I was hoping to be able to arrange the restaurant myself too & trying not to need transport, and have also decided not to have hair & makeup etc done.

    Alessandra at Book of Dreams is one of my final 2, and just can't decide whether to go with her or Sorrento Sunland. Need to decide by the end of next week though, otherwise the fees will go up.

    Love the idea of doing that with photos, I think we may do that too - will save about ???????500 I think!

    Have you sorted out insurance, and does it cover the wedding planner fees?

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  • Hi EmmaJ

    We're also using Alessandra, and she has been so helpful. She has answered my millions of emails without any problems! I see you have organised your own transport, would you be able to provide me details of this?? Did she mind you organising things yourself? I have also arranged my own reception as the restaurant I liked she did not deal with. If you would prefer to e mail me my address is [email protected]

    Thanks xx
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