northern cyprus wedding!

Is anyone getting married in the north of cyprus or got married in northern cyprus??? x x x



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    Is anyone getting married in the north of cyprus or got married in northern cyprus??? x x x

  • Hi

    A friend of ours was due to get married out in northern Cyprus in September last year but about a month before she found out the wedding was not legal in the UK so she married over here first and just had a blesing out in Cyprus as it was all booked and paid for!!

    Lisa x
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    Hi... I'm new on here and I am getting married in Northern Cyprus later this year, hopefully August/September. I'm not sure who your friend got their information from, but I can tell you that a registered Wedding in Northern Cyprus is 100% legal in the UK, in exactly the same way as it is in Southern Cyprus.

    My friend married there last year... she had the registrar at the wedding as well as a Lay Clerk to do the blessing. If you like I can give you the details of our wedding planner in Northern Cyprus. Am i allowed to post a link/email address on here or do you want to mail me off line.

    My friends wedding was magical and so much nicer in the North as it's less spoilt and developed... that's why we are now doing the same.

    Anyway, hope this helps and GOOD LUCK.

    Derya xx
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    Hi derya,

    Thanks for your reply i was originally getting married in the south but ive recently moved to cyprus and i visited the north kyrenia and the surrounding parts and it really is beautiful and its so much cheaper than anywhere else in cyprus and hasnt been ruined by british tourists yet lol!

    where did your friend get married? have you found anywhere for your venue?

    You can post the link on line if you want or y email is

    [email protected]

    thanks lydia x x x
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    Yay, yay and Yay again!!!!!

    I have posted before on here about North Cyprus weddings but couldn't find anyone else!

    I am marrying in the North, at Bellapais Abbey in September, and we have a fantastic lady who is organising everything for us! Do you know where you would like to marry yet? There are some beautiful locations aren't there?

    Speak soon.

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    Oh! my god thats where i want to have it! i saw it in the distance in kyrenia and knew had to have it going to look at it next weekend!

    Tell me more! x x x
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    My Mum and my sis have been there (sis is building house in Lapta) and I asked her to look at it for me as I had only seen pics on the net. Anyway - Mum came home and said, oh I don't think you'll like it, it's all ruins!! LOL!! THAT was my idea of heaven! I love the fact that it is so picturesque! We are having our wedding on the Garden side of the Kybele Restaurant, (you can see the coast etc from there and it is a bit more secluded and then we will have the reception part on the Abbey side. SO - we get the best of both worlds. Tee hee!!

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    It sounds amazing! ive found loads of pictures of it on the internet, ive pictured somethig similar for years but never found anything like it! bless your mum its all ruins!

    I saw it all lit up on the way back from kyrenia and it took my breath away!

    Whose your wedding planner?

    Ill be taking loads of photos of it when i go next weekend so ill email you them if you like x
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    My Wedding planner is Vashti, she is brilliant. If you are looking for someone, you can find her under

    I can never have enough photo's!! Lol! Am getting quite obsessed with them now!!

    I don't know what time they turn the lights on, but our wedding is at 4pm, and I am hoping that we can get some shots of the sunset and the Abbey lit up. I dreamed of a place like this too, since I was little, so I am now just so excited.

    When are you hoping to get married?

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    I was thinking of a late ceremony aswell im picturing candles everywhere! with the sun setting!

    We originally wanted september but with the move over here and everything we might have to put it on hold till may/june next year. x
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    You are so on my wavelength!

    I am so jealous that you have moved out there, some of my family will be flying to Larnaca and driving across, so they are getting the best of both sides!

    Derya - Have you booked anything yet?

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    Theres a airport in the north aswell ercan airport its only 20 mins from bellapais.

    I didnt realise there was such a big divide bettween the north and south of cyprus, my h2b is in the military (thats why we moved here) we have to give a weeks notice before we enter the north even tho its 5 mins from the house and get permission!

    have you picked a dress yet and decided on a theme?

    Im going for a vintage grecian glamour theme lots of white flowers and candles everywhere. x

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    Ooo! I really had my heart set on a grecian style dress. It was really soft and flowing with some sparkle (not too much though) and with wide straps, and a "band" under the bust if that makes sense? doesn't sound too nice when I try to describe it!! But, I found exactly what I had been dreaming about, and went running into the dressing room to try it on, all excited I came out and looked in the mirror, and it looked bloody awful on me!! LOL! So I had to completely open my mind and try on lots of other styles to see what suited me and what didn't. I went home absolutely gutted! I still long for that dress even though I know it looked so crappy on me, and to rub salt in the wound, saw a pic of a girl in the dress I loved and she looked absolutely gorgeous - typical!

    Anyway, we are having a red and ivory theme, my fav colour since I was little is red, and my favourite flowers are roses, so it kinda goes.

    I too am looking at candles, and I want red petals on the tables, and hopefully other places too!

    Me and h2b are flying into Ercan, we have to, to be allowed to marry there, but the rest of the family can get the cheap tickets to Larnaca! Jammie!

    My sis is married to a man in the forces, and they are hoping he may get posted there too. It's a lovely country isn't it?

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    couldnt resist some pics!

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    Hi Ladies,

    Sorry i haven't replied sooner... work, little one and all that!!

    I am using Vashti as well. My friend used her last year and she was brilliant. Her Wedding was at Bellapais and ours will be too. So far she has been just as good for us... nothing is too much trouble. She also overseas each wedding personally which we thought is excellent.

    We haven't confirmed our date yet but we are hoping for late this summer, not too hot!

    Where are you ataying whilst you're there? This is so nice to see people getting married in the North instead of the hotel package deals in the South... maybe we can spread the word!! hee hee

    Got to go my lovelies xxx
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    Merhaba my Bellapais Beauties,

    How exciting all 3 of us getting married there!

    I love it because its so different from what everybodyelse has and i didnt want a hotel conveyor belt wedding in the south!

    I think myself and guests will be staying in and around kyrenia most of them want to hire a villa for the week, ive seen Bellapais monastery village complex which looks quite nice.

    Im expecting around 80 guests how many are you both having?

    Does Vashti actually live in north cyprus!

    x x x
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    Hi there,

    Yes Vashti lives there, she is brilliant!

    I have posted a pic in another thread, and am just so excited to find other bellapais brides!! We are hiring villas for the time we are there. We will stay for two weeks and friends / family will be there for one, which is great because we then get the second week as our "honeymoon" (although we will have the kids with us!! LOL!)

    We will be having about 20 - 25 guests, wow 80!! I think it's brilliant you have that many prepared to come out! Or do they live there? There is a couple that got married out there before and they had a website, which is where I saw the first pics of a bellapais wedding. They had their reception where they were staying I think, which was the Almond Village, and sounds like they more or less took over the resort as there were quite a few of them - sounds and looks fab!!

    Don't think their website is still there but the almond holiday village has some lovely pics on theirs.

  • OMG thank god I came across this post. I'm getting married next year and like all of you fell totally in love with Bellapais, although I havent actually seen the venue other than in photos!! I'm heading out there this summer to check it out and hopefully book it for next year August.

    When I first saw the venue I fell totally in love with it, it looks perfect and soooo romantic, but panic set in when I realised how much work will need to be done to get it ready for a wedding, chairs, tables catering etc. but then I came across Vashti's website and gave her a call, she gave us a really good price but wasnt sure as havent heard of her before and not sure what other weddings she put together are like, but by the sounds of it a lot of you brides to be are also using her.

    I'm so excited now that I've found other lovely brides who are getting married on the North side all of your weddings sound like they will be lovely and in the perfect setting.

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    Hi Jaylan (and my girls),

    Looks like we are getting quite a few on here now!!! Welcome to our post...

    There is alot of work involved, but the Abbey is so naturally beautifull anyway that it just all comes together. As I said before, my friends wedding last year was out of this world and Vashti was superb. She was there right through the whole day and evening and nothing was too much trouble,

    We are really hoping for September this year, but it all depends on Steves work. We wont know until spring if we can do it this year or not... if not it will deffinately be May next year. Either way I just cannot wait... ;o)

    Have you actually booked anything yet mrs t2b? You should drop Vashti a line as she I'm sure she would be more than happy to meet you when you're there next weekend.

    80 guests is brilliant... we are like you cwtbt, we have probably about 20 - 30 guests. However if it ends up being in May next year we may have another 10 or so to add to that!!!

    Have to go as little one needs his mummy - otherwise i'll be sitting on here chatting all day.

    Sees ya later x x x x

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    Hi Jaylan, Derya & CWTB

    Im so glad i started this post now! i honestly thought nobody was getting married in northern cyprus everybody just seemed to be getting married in the south!

    I cant wait to see it next weekend! my dads coming to visit us for the week! he will love it he's a bit of a historian!

    Havnt booked anything yet Derya i only saw it last week in the distance from kyrenia calling out to me it was!

    We are going to go for next may/june although we didnt think this many people would want to come but as we dont get to see much of them living over here they are all coming out which is lovely! My dads not so pleased tho he offered to pay some money towards the wedding he only offered because he thought about 10 people woud be there and when i told him im now getting married in an Abbey he said he had to get off the phone because he was having a stroke LOL!

    Im def going to speak to vashti she sounds great and i can meet up with her anytime its only 40 min drive from the house and ill take loads of pictures to share with you all!

    x x x
  • Hi ladies,

    All of your posts have really put my mind at ease about using Vashti, we are having 200 guests (all family!!) so letting somone else help organise would be so much easier than me travelling back and forth all the time. I also found a travel agency that deals with weddings in north cyprus but on the condition that you book 50 flights and accomadation with them, which is stupid as I dont want to tell people where they shoudl stay so think I will be going with Vashti.

    Hopefully the venue looks just as nice as it does in the pictures, you'll have to let me know mrs t2b as I wont get the chance to see it till July image

    Also Derya when your friend got married last year what was the music like? I want to have a band but Vashti said the music cant be too loud because of the residents close to the abbey and I dont want the music to seem like low background music!!

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    I want to post a picture but i'm not sure how ... how did you add your Mrs T2B? (it's a stunning picture of Bellapais Abbey)!!

    Jaylan... glad we've put your mind at rest with Vashti. But I have to say WOW - 200 people. I think you're going to need some help with that!! lol

    Your right about not wanting to go with the travel agency. When my friend got married everyone wanted to do different things. Some wanted big hotels, some wanted little family hotels and some wanted private villas. Vashti was very good at helping people find what they wanted if they wanted her help, but also had no problems if people wanted to go it alone so to speak.

    Regarding the music at the reception - my friend had a band, think the girl was called Sandy (fantastic voice) but wasn't really loud. Loud enough to have a enjoy (not as quiet as just background music), but being where it is you do need to take the local community into account. Her wedding was at about 4pm with the meal starting at around 7pm. At about 10pm we then moved to a seperate venue (not sure of the name) for the reception "Party" which went on 'till the early hours (think the last ones left the bar at after 3am!!!!!

    Hope this helps.

    Mrs T2B... Bellapais Abbey does kind of call to you doesn't it. And unlike the South, in the big hotels, I imagine it will feel like it was built especially for your Wedding day!!! hee hee... how romantic. And good old dad eh... i'm sure on the day he'll think it was money well spent on his little girl.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend girls... D x x x ;\)
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    Hi Girls!

    Derya, if the pic that you want to post is on the internet then you can do the following:

    Find your pic, right click over it and select properties.

    Highlight the URL in the properties box, right click and copy, close the box,

    Go to YAYW, and go to post reply and then click the at the top, paste the address, click again and that should do you.


    I am soooooo pleased to have found other Bellapais Brides, I too was beginning to think that I wouldn't have anyway to share my excitement at this lovely place!



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    hello again bellapais babes!

    Bloody hell jaylan 200 people i thought i had a lot coming!

    Good point about the music i wanted a rat pack style band ill have to check with Vashti about that.

    I like the sound of moving on to another venue after 10 its like having 2 receptions! might have to get another dress! best not tho i dont want to put daddy in an early grave!

    Oh! well might aswell have another picture (or 2) well it is the weekend!


  • Hi ladies,

    Yep 200 people and that's just family and about 5 friends, so def need the help!!

    I want a turkish band with lively music so if the band cant play too loud I think I may have to change venues image It would be great if we could move on to another place but i think trying to get 200 people to another venue will be too much hassle!

    I also had another place in mind but it's in Turkey in Istanbul called the DIvan. It's lovely like the Bellapais, has the same romantic feel and I cant think of anywhere else in cyprus which is as nice as this. The divan is set high and has a view of the Bosphorus, and is set under trees, we went to a wedding there a couple of years ago and it was lovely. Will def have to get in contact with Vashti and discuss the music situation as this could change everything and I really do not want a hotel wedding, they are so boring image
  • Quoted:
    Oh! my god thats where i want to have it! i saw it in the distance in kyrenia and knew had to have it going to look at it next weekend!

    Tell me more! x x

    Hi B2B!!!

    New to this Site!! Only got Engaged in November.

    As many of the other B2B's, We are too looking to get Married in Kyrenia........ Bellapais Monastery in fact!!!!

    Went to Kyrenia a couple of years ago now,we thought the Abbey was the most perfect setting to be married.

    Only looking on a few websites we found out you can get Married in the Abbey.............................How Fantastic:\)
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    Hi mrsDeaton2b welcome to the site and congrats on your engagement!

    Kyrenia is beautiful isnt it! i went for the first time last weekend and it was love at first site with bellapois!

    i didnt no you could get married there untill i googled it when i got home!

    Im going to look at it next weekend i cant wait!

    x x x
  • Hi Mrs t2b,

    A quick question did you have to book an appointment to view the abbey?

  • Mrs DMrs D Posts: 1,755
    No its open to visitors every day 9-5 (which makes me wonder what happens when theres a wedding)

    Im concerned about the music thing aswell all my guests are party animals and arnt exactly a quiet bunch so i thinking maybe getting married in the abbey then holding reception somewhere else! x
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    Yay! Another Bellapais Bride!!

    Hello again girls! Hope you are all ok. Just to answer what you said earlier mrst2b, the wedding isn't actually held IN the Abbey but in the "grounds" of the Abbey, it's actually in part of a restaurant called the Kybele. The Kybele is, as you can see from the pics in the grounds of the Abbey and you will still have it surrounding you, and of course in your photo's. There are two sides to choose from, one being a bit more secluded than the other. Mrs t2b, would you post some more pics if you take some when you go? WOuld love to see more! Feed my obsession! LOL!

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