Booked with First Choice, flying with Thomsoon, luggage?????

Can anyone help me?

When we booked with First Choice last January we got told we got an extra 5kg allowance for our wedding each, in which case we could take another small suitcase with all the wedding stuff in and it could weigh 10kg.

When we picked the tickets up 2 weeks ago we double checked this in the First Choice shop, only to be told that because it's a Thomson flight it doesn't apply, but they'd spoken to Thomson who were happy to let us have an extra 5kg between us, but we didn't get a letter or anything to say this so were worried we'd get charged for being over weight.

I then decided to take matters into my own hands and rang Thomsons shop, who told me that even though it's a Thomson flight that whatever the allowance for First Choice is then Thomson will allow it.

I was now even more muddled and so I rang Thomsons Airways, the man I spoke to knew nothing about any of what i'd been told and told me to ring First Choice Airways, which I did but because the 2 have now joined together it went straight to Thomsons who i'd just phoned.

Anyway, I got through to someone else, a lady that time and asked her the same and explained that I was now really confused and didn't want to be charged for extra luggage, now she's told me that we don't get the 5kg extra each (10kg) but we can take an extra small suitcase to put the wedding bits in and label it fragile and wedding. I then asked how much could it weigh, and she said it doesn't work like that, it doesn't matter, it's just for the wedding bits.


Can someone please shed some light on all of this, or has anyone been lately that could let me know what you did? I fly on Monday!!!


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    I had this too - booked with First Choice and flew Thomson but I just stuck to Thomsons restrictions and didnt ask for any more - I'd ring your travel agent and ask her to ring Thomson.

  • Hi! I phoned First Choice Airways which went straight to Thomsons to request my extra 5kgs each for the wedding and the lady there told me that Thomsons only give the 5kgs to the bride for the dress etc and not to the groom. As we'd booked the wedding through First Choice, this would automatically be noted so there wouldn't be any probs when checking in. She did say that if we really wanted the extra 5kgs for the groom then the we'd need to go into First Choice where we booked. So, in the same boat - do they or don't they??? I've decided to pack my dress in a small hand luggage case as you're allowed 5kgs there and gonna add the additional 5kgs for normal clothes! x
  • Hi, we have booked with First Choice but flyto Cuba next week with Thomson. we have been allocated 25kg each. On the tickets it states 20kg, but we received a letter from First Choice stating that we get an exra 5kg each as we are getting married, doesn't state that it needs to contain only wedding bits or be in a separate suitcase. my dress is going on as hand luggage so the extra weight will be going towards my toddlers clothes, nappies etc.

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    Hi Ladies we're in the same boat! Does it matter that i've booked my wedding myself and that i've only booked a holiday through them?!

  • I think it does matter Jo - I may be wrong but as far as I'm aware, it's only if you've booked the wedding through them that you get the extra allowance. Give them a bell though and say it's for your wedding and depending on who you speak to, you might be lucky x
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