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Hi girls,

Has anyone got or is getting a travel box from empty box company to take their dress as hand luggage. I checked the dimensions of what the allowance would be for our airline and were allowed the biggest dimensions so went for the "maxi box". Anyway, I have received it today and it is quite big!. Im just wondering now if its too big. Has anyone got or used one and did they have any problems?

Thanks girls XX


  • FroggnsFroggns Posts: 46
    I would say you will fine if you checked it against the dimensions, and you would be surprised how big things you can take as hand luggage. I have managed to take a wheely suitcase on as hand luggage before and that is about the same size a the Maxi. I ordered the Midi as my dress isn't that huge, but haven't seen it yet as it turned up down my mums this week, but I did see a maxi in a bridal shop. To put your mind at rest, measure it again and give the airline a call and take the details of who you get confirmation from. Where are you getting married? I'm getting married in Las Vegas in May!!

  • Thanks Baby Frog,

    I will do that, i will measure again and ring the airline up and take their name. I just didnt expect it to look so big.

    Im getting married in Cyprus (in May too!!). Ive just ordered my fans as well from Fanfair! XX
  • winkypotwinkypot Posts: 402

    I've literally just picked mine up today (with dress in it!) as we fly tomorrow, and I must admit I thought the same. It seemed huuuuge and when I got the old tape measure out I made it 56cm long/wide - not 55cm's like they say on their website. I'm hoping the airline aren't going to be too precise (or my tape measure is rubbish!).

    Who are you flying with? They have a list of the major airlines on their website and what size each allows on as maximum allowance.
  • Hi weddedmiss

    We are flying with Thomson Fly. I checked on the Thompson Fly website and they gave the dimensions the same as the maxi box so they must allow it. Its just that its looks bit, feels heavier than I imagined it would as well. Is it heavy with your wedding dress in it? How exciting you going tomorrow, where are you getting married?
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