What is your budget?

Hey ladies,

This might be a sore point, so don't feel like you have to say, but I was wondering how much everyone had budgeted for their wedding abroad?

A few weeks ago we did a very rough outline of £5K, however I've sat down and listed pretty much every detail we could possibly want and it's come to almost £7,300 (without our accomodation, flights and honeymoon etc). We will of course make some cut backs on the less important things, but I was wondering how everyone else is handling this? X


  • We booked ours as a package and it has worked out to about £6 - 7000 just for myself, H2B and his 2 childred to go 2 weeks all inclusive 5 star in Dominican Republic with wedding bits.

    Where are you hoping to go?
  • We're getting married in Certaldo Tuscany next August with a villa reception afterwards for 30 guests.

    The £7K budget is based on a complete breakdown of costs our planner gave us, but I think there are certain aspects that are less important than others so we can cut those. We've been told we can't book the town hall or villa for another 2 months though as it's too early...how frustrating!

    Dominican Republic sounds fantastic, it'll be a really special family holiday for you! x
  • PippakiPippaki Posts: 113
    Ours is going to be approx £20k excluding honeymoon. We are inviting 80 guests and are paying for their accommodation (2 nights). Reception is held in a 5* hotel and the food alone is roughly 100 Euro per person. I would love to go on honeymoon as well but unfortunatley, I've got no holidays left after this.

    138 days to go....can't waitimage
  • Wow Pippaki thats amazing!

    We are paying for a reception on our return so all in its probably about 10K.

    You're gusts must be so pleased! I wish I was your friend!
  • Hi everyone

    Ours is the same as you Clementine, about 10k including reception back home, but not inc accommodation & flights, which works out at about £1300 with 2 children

    Lottie x
  • bellaukbellauk Posts: 357
    We thought ours would come in at about £7,000 but last weekend sat down and wrote every cost down. It came in at £12,500 but that was everything including a return party for 130 people.

    Not bad, I suppose


  • EmmaWukEmmaWuk Posts: 241
    Ours is coming in at £11,000. That includes everything, outfits, gifts, flowers, party back home for 200, reception out there for 30, transport and 3 week stay in top hotel. It's still a lot less for what we would pay here in uk
  • I've been very lucky cos we have only had to pay for our honeymoon.

    Without the honeymoon its about its about £9000 with the honeymoon and meal back hone its about £14000.

    Didn't realise it was costing that much. there is only 10 of us going.

    Not added all the favors and little things yet.

    Kelly xx
  • We're not paying for our guests accomodation as we're asking them to treat it as their annual holiday.

    Is this cheeky? Should we be paying??x
  • KristyukKristyuk Posts: 897
    Ours will cost about £8000 for the ceremony in the Maldives (no guests), honeymoon and spending money, and a dinner for family and friends when we get back. We haven't included rings or clothes in that price. We're justifying it by saying we're not spending a lot on a big wedding as it doesn't appeal to us, but can have our dream honeymoon instead!
  • Hi well Our budget currently stands at about 22K this includes everything as well as a seperate honeymoon and 2 receptions

    1 in Greece for 20 people and then another in UK for 150 ..

    We really would love to be able to pay for their accomodation but just can not afford to do it ..I went to Cuba for friends wedding and paid i would have not expected her to pay i was honored to be asked to attend !

    The actual wedding abroad is actually less than 10K it is all the little bits and a Huge reception back home and honeymoon that are costing so much ..hopefully as most things are still TBC we can get the costs down a bit fingers crossed !
  • Hi, I feel like a cheap skate, because our wedding comes to about £5000.00, including holiday and reception back home. Claire xx
  • Not at all Claire_B, we're all different, there's nothing to say that you're day will be any less magical.

    My dad always says (when buying a car, i know its not entirely relevent but bear with me!) the more gadgets etc you pay for the more there is to go wrong. Keep it simple and you will worry much less.

    Where are you going abroad?
  • Phew! I'm glad I'm not the only ones not paying for accomodation. Now I just have the problem of telling our guests that we are limited to 30 only and therefore people with new girlfriends/boyfriends will have to leave them at home....oh boy!x

  • Hi Clementine, I am going to Corfu? I just hope I haven't missed anything, because I have budgeted for everything I can think of. We have got about 30 people coming as well, but everyone is paying for themselves and treating it as their annual holiday.
  • Hi Claire B

    I too am budgeting £5, but am hoping to include the reception in the UK in that figure.....but judging by everyones comments maybe we are being a tad unrealistic. Argh, panic!

    We will be asking people to consider it as their annual holiday & for them to pay for themselves too.

    Think we are going to have to start playing the lottery!

  • lady_grant_riley we're getting married in Certaldo too!! What wedding planner are you using? Where are you staying? Details, details!!

    I think we're gonna come in at about 12k, including everything, wedding, reception, travel, accomodation, honeymoon (3 nights in Venice, 4 in Rome), and reception for 120 when we get back.

    And no we're not paying for our guests accomodation as we can't afford it.

    Jo x
  • I have found that with receptions you can get a village hall from about 200 pounds but normally can only hold about 100-150 people max and you have to apply for alcohol license etc ..they can be anything from 200 to 6000 pounds ..our reception is coming to about 6 K which includes exclusive venue hire disco, cake, bbq and bridal suite ..plus it stays open till 2am ..in this amount is also 1 bottle of wine per persn we hope !..150 people ..fingers crossed !

  • We have got a 10k budget

    This includes a wedding and holiday in vegas (guests are paying for themselves), the wedding reception and taking everyone to LOVE, and a 2k dress image and then me and the hubbie2b are flying down to Rio for our honeymoon. Not sure if we will stick to that but thats how much we will have saved.
  • We're paying about 5-6k for a wedding and reception for 50 people in Portugal. That includes everything inc flights and car rental for 2 visits and first night but not honeymoon...

    We're not planning on having a return party coz we're inviting our closest friends there anyway.
  • donna24577donna24577 Posts: 2,906
    Well we thought i was going to be at 5k or under, but we sat down a while ago and added it all up, and its coming out now at 9k, thats everything in cyprus plus a return party here which is coming in at 2K. I though this marry abroad lark was cheaper? but saying that i wouldn't change anything for the world.
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