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Hi girls

Just wondering when you are sending out your wedding invites to the wedding abroad. I'm getting married in March 08 but really want to get an idea of numbers. At the moment there are a lot of "maybes" and "can we let you know much nearer the time" when its been mentioned which clearly isn't helpful!!! image I was thinking of sending them out in April with an RSVP date of end of June. Is this too far in advance?!?!?!

Thanks for your help :\)

Tara xx


  • jleacyjleacy Posts: 69
    Hi Tara

    You should send out save the dates or notices about your forth coming wedding next year giving the exact date of departure and wedding date if possible. Explaine further details will follow but just incase they are interested in coming they may need to arrange work holidays or something

    Were are getting married aborad this May and this is what i did last year. Were getting married at Moon Palce in Mexico and have 20 guests joining us and a couple just flying out for 1 week to be at the wedding day.

    Hope that helps x x x
  • luuk1luuk1 Posts: 47
    Hi Tara

    I am getting married in Sep 07 (i sent out my day invites in Jan 07) and im sending out my Evening Invites at the end of March/April time. Some people may find that too late, but i think 6 months is plenty of time, otherwise people might lose the invites and forget the day (or not have a calender for next year) so they have nowhere to write it down.

    Hope this was helpful. x
  • Hi,

    I sent out invites to our service in Mauritius last summer (as sooon as we had the booking confirmation) as I thought my friends/ family would appreciate all of the details earlier rather than later. We are a bit stuck on the numbers side as a lot of people have said it depends on bonuses etc at work to see if they can afford it and unfortunately when you are asking someone to spend all that money for you you can't rush their decisions. We have had 13 book already (we are getting married in Nov) but more are to decide. We also sent out save the dates in Christmas cards for our evening reception once we return and have had a much better response from them!! We are sending our actual evening invitations out May/ June and will be putting a note in for people who have not responded to the holiday invites to ask them to confirm so we can organise the meal in the hotel!!

    I know it's not a lot of help but I think only the two of you know how your family/ friends will react and if they have the finances in place to make the decision so early!!

    Good Luck!!
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