Taking wedding dress on plane!!! help

Hi i have just contacted thomas cook airlines, who say for me to take my wedding dress has hand luggage it has to be within certain dimension sizes which are 17 inch x 9 x 11 and no more than 5kg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now i reckon my dress is not going to fit into a box that small and be heavier.....therefore it has to go in the hold, has anyone else had to do this and im so worried the dress will go missing.



  • mundimundi Posts: 84
    hi i have to do the same, we fly with thomas cook to Greece in September and my dress has to go into a separate suitacase and into the hold... the only thing which is good is that i have an extra 20kg. But i am really worried that it will missing :\(
  • hi yes thomas cook have give me an extra 20kg if in the hold which they say they will probably check to see if it is wedding attire.....i cant help but worry even though everone says it will be fine. what can of suitcase is your dress goin in and how big is the suitcase also is your h2b attire with your dress too in same suitcase??
  • mundimundi Posts: 84
    I havent bought a suitcase yet but i know it will a hard case just incase it rains between the airport and the plane and it will be large so that i dont squash my dress, i think my h2b's attire will go in with it............ no point in wasting the extra luggage allowance.

    i dont expect i will stop worrying till i get over there and have have my dress back with me.

    Amanda x
  • thanks amanda, im going to be looking for a hard case too, i get married in may so not too long to go. another question is how we going to hide our dresses from our h2b during our holiday before we get married? unless i put a note on a cupboard door in the hotel...do not enter!
  • mundimundi Posts: 84
    I am quite lucky my parents fly out the same day as us so i can keep my dress in their room untill the night before, then h2b w ill swop and stay in the same room as my brother and my sister will stay with me and help me the following morning

    Amanda x
  • Does anyone know what it is with Thomson? I suppose I need to call them...
  • Hi, I am flying with Thomson's and these are the replies I have had of them:-

    You can carry your wedding dress on our flights free of charge (it will not form part of your luggage allowance). The dress must be boxed and labelled accordingly and will be carried in the hold. No other items of wedding attire will be carried free of charge (ie suits, shoes, hats, etc.)

    Kind regards

    ThomsonFly Customer Support

    The maximum dimensions of hand luggage are: 45x35x20 cm, maximum 10kg (in this case you will have 15 remaining for your hold luggage).

    Kind regards


    Hopes this helps. Claire_B xx
  • Hi Claire_B

    I am confused - does that mean it has to be checked in with my suitcase or can I take it on as hand luggage providing it is within the dimenstions stipulated?

    I am sorry, I am not the brightest button!
  • You can do either, if you put it in the hold they will not charge you any extra and it won't effect your allowance..or you can carry as hand luggage but it will come out of your allowance. Hope this helps. Claire_B xx
  • Ahh I understand now! Thank you! I think I will try to take it on the plane as hand luggage and then distribute my bits throughout everyone elses! I do not want to put in in the hold for fear of never seeing it again!
  • I know, I am the same thats why I have puchased a carry box for my dress and its the exact dimentions for hand luggage. Claire x
  • is it just thomas cook being mean with their size and weight allowance then ??cos i dont want to take mine as in the hold but looking like i am going to have to..
  • Furball,

    I justa had a look on thomas cook website as was worried about transporting my dress too!

    I want to keep it with me, not away from me for a milli second!

    They give the size you are allowed in cm measuring - 43 x 28 x 23 cm.

    The wedding shop where I got my dress said that they will pack my dress for me and my daughters bridesmaid dress together in a box that will meet airline regulations but I had better check now!

    Thanks for prompting me to do it, will speak to them tomorrow! x
  • gtlrgtlr Posts: 87

    I have just bought a small case within the dimensions for hand luggage, and i definatley intend on taking it on as my hand luggage, and i cant see why i cant do this as long as its within the weight and size restrictions.

    We flying with BA and after all the hassle with the strikes at Christmas, i'm not taking any chances of puting my dress in the hold and not recieving it the other end! I could cope with not getting my other stuff but not my dress!!!

  • i would check cos when i phoned my wedding dress shop she said she would pack my dress into a suitcase cos it would no where near fit into a small box with dimensions thomas cook gave....
  • Thomas Cook are horrible aren't they?! Was told that some airlines will hang dresses in air hostesses bit, but not Thomas Cook! Luckily my dress is 4 kg & dress designer said she will be able to get it into hand luggage, so my little girl will take it as her allowance! Thank God...

    Lottie xx
  • This is the info from Ryanair regarding hand luggage...

    Ryanair allows each passenger (excluding infants) to carry one small piece of hand baggage on board free of charge. The hand baggage must not weigh more than 10kg and be less than 55cm x 40cm x 20cm, in dimensions (restrictions apply from certain countries) Click here for details. For the safety and convenience of all passengers, hand baggage must fit underneath the seat or in the overhead compartment.

  • hi lottie, can i just ask where did you get your box from for thomas cook hand luggage size ive checked a few internet sites but they all seem to be larger than the size allowed, also did you take weighing scales to weigh your dress??
  • luuk1luuk1 Posts: 47
    Hi girls

    I'm getting married abroad in Sep and flying with Thomson, i've been told that i cant carry my wedding dress on i have to put it in the hold. Am very worried bout doing this..!!! Does anyone know where I can get a study box/small case to fit the dress. Also, incase something leaks from someone elses case, it may be a good idea to make sure it has some sort of lining?? This may sound strange but i read somewhere, that wrapping your dress in bubble wrap protects it from anything can might rip or stain it, before putting it in your carrier.

    After reading these im going to double check direct with the airline, whether i can carry the dress on. is anyone else flying with Thomson, that knows anymore?? Thomas were fairly good is giving us an extra 5kg baggage allowance.

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