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Violinist in Cyprus - Paphos

Hi all,

I am nearly done with all bookings needed for our wedding in June in Paphos. I am now struggling to find a violinist to play on our short ceremony. Any reccommendations or contacts? Thanks, x


  • Websites are

    this is the band our planner has recommended, they seem very good,

    hope this helps

    Donna x
  • Vikki206Vikki206 Posts: 300
    Oh Blue Jar look fantastic. I had a conversation with the Lady and we have booked them for July. Really wonderful and very talented! A good price as well. They move to Cyprus in April or May I think it is x
  • Hi,

    They are here now - I'd had emails from them and then they were playing down at the harbour a couple of Sunday's ago - so I stopped and listened for a while then introduced myself - I was impressed they are very good.

    Nicky x
  • hiya, what sort of music is it? i get married in sept 09 xx
  • Vikki206Vikki206 Posts: 300
    watch the you tube link that has been posted, will let you see.

    They will do whatever though. Really are V good!

    Nicky, they must have decided that what with the doom and gloom in the media and business that Paphos now was a better option. Did you get the email? Vikki x
  • Thank you all ladies, they do sound great and look very nice couple. Will contact them today,


  • Hi Vikki,

    No I haven't got it - I had a feeling I wasn't getting all my emails - which address did you send it to?

    Nicky x
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