Just wondering if any other brides are getting wedding holiday insurance? is it really necessary? dont know much about it? x


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    Oh I'm glad you brought this up, I was thinking the same thing. We havent got any so far but loads of people have been telling me to get it but I cant work out if its worth it or not.

    It must be close now for you. When do you fly?

    Make sure you put your post on here straight away as your the first Cyprus bride aren't you?

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    i think i will be getting insurance as it helps if your flight gets delayed or baggage goes missing etc to cover the cost of it. it is just the same as here when you get wedding insurance if your venue cancels or something like that, always better to be safe than sorry i say!
  • This is a good question, I was unsure about this one myself as I just though it was another expence.

    Anyway begining of this month me and my sister booked to go away with the kids but the day before we was due to fly her son got chicken pox! so they had to cancel. This has made me realize that anything could happen. So I am going to wedding insurance.


  • EEEEEEEEEEhh its a week now for me, cant believe it.

    With regard to the wedding insurance think im gonna ask the travel agent see what they say, as i've questionned the cost and its £32.50 each which i think its a bit harsh when we already have normal travel insurance which includes everything you would expect apart from weddding rings.

    Yes think i will be the first CYPRUS BRIDE will defo get back to you all on how it goes, bit nervous!!
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    Im getting married abroad and wouldnt consider not having insurance.

    We are very lucky in the UK to be protected by numerous consumer laws designed to protect us - do not take it for granted that the same provisions will apply abroad - especially outside of the EU.

    Add together the added risks of delayed flights, missing bridal gowns.....!!!

    One thing to bear in mind is gift coverage - most insurers dont cover cash - and if you're getting marred abroad this is more likely to be the gift of choice!

    Also, check the flight cancelation/delay cover - some policies will just give refund of costs and compensation - ok if your just off for a weekend away! But, for your wedding you need a policy that will get you to your destination at whatever cost and by whatever means - ie: if the only way of getting you to the Bahmas is a first class seat on BA then your insurance will just have to foot the bill! Check also who this extends to - most policies we looked at cover just the Bride and Groom - we paid a small premium to cover the a wedding party of up to 15 people (would you realy want to get married if your parents couldnt get there!!!)

    So many things to consider - you have to put on your 'worst case scenario' hat!!!!! But as a percentage of the total budget - is it worth the risk to go without!!!!!

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    i'm definately going to get some insurance as soon as i book the wedding & honeymoon. does anyone know who has the best rates? packages?

    i like the sound of being able to insure for guests as well as ourselves!
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