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Hi girls,

i just wanted to ask how many of you are having your day filmed? Initially me and h2b thought we didn't want to do this and were happy thinking cutting down on costs. Now both of us have started to think and i keep seeing clips on TV and thinking it would be nice to have such a memento. My worry is whether the day will fly by so fast and at least with filming you'd also be able to see other bits on the day that you may have missed,

The only think is that me and h2b hate seeing ourselves and hate pictures. Then of course there is the money. Any advice from you ladies will be much appreciated.

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  • Hi

    We are not going to bother with this its costing around £300 which is a lot of money for something that lasts 45 minutes.

    My family have camcorders so there is a few of them that can film it also my partner is a wizz at editing and computers so I'm sure we can do this ourself.

    You could always hire a camcorder or if any of your family have one get some one to practise filming before the wedding,

    With the euro and the credit crunch we can not justify £300 for a 45 minute video we could probably do ourself.

    Gosh i sound such a tight cow hahahaha
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    We are having it video'd but it is a lot cheaper than you've been quoted. In Turkey we've been quoted £175 for 1.5 hours and 2 copies.

    I think it will be nice to show peope who can't be there with you.
  • Hello

    I had my wedding videoed back in October. I was really against doing this as it was very costly (£1000) and an expense we had not budgetd for. We were then told that H2b's mum would be unable to attend the weeding as she is too ill to fly.

    We had our wedding in Australia, so we did ask a lot of our friends and family and therefore only had a small wedding (24 in total). We were really upset that mum would not be with us on our special day, so we decided to have our day videoded, so we can give her a copy.

    Our DVD arrived last week and it is AMAZING, the sound quality and picture is amazing and i am really pleased that we decided to spend the extra money. We have a 15 minute hightlight dvd, which as photos of us us both as children and growing up until present day at the beginning, the dvd also has songs on that we chose that are special to us. The feature length dvd is an 1hr and 30 mins, we have photos on the cover and discs of our wedding day.

    We are going up to hubbies parents this week end and will show them the dvd, i am really excited about my mother in-law seeing it, as she missed out. I cry every time i watch it. It is so nice to capture the day and see the bits that were missed due to everything going on that day. I do hate the sound of my own voice though - LOL

    I would definatly recommend having your special day filmed. Something to keep forever and share with future generations of my family.

  • I agree with Rachel, unitl you have seen your own professional wedding video, you cannot imangine how important it can become to you. it brings the day all back to you.
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    I saw a really good idea on here, which is what we are going to go with (trying to keep costs down as much as poss) - we are going to borrow 2 camcorders from friends, and he will have one with him in the morning & before the wedding, & I will have one with me. We will nominate 2 friends to have them, although they will be passed around I'm sure, then have them both going through the ceremony & reception, then we will edit them together afterwards, and show the film at our party over here when we get back.

    my sister said that the only thing she regrets about her wedding day was that they didn't have it videoed, so I am definitely going to get something on film!!

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  • We did try and down load the video so i could post on here and also on You Tube or similar so we could show our friends who attended the wedding but live abroad, we could not get to video to down load due to issues with some of the songs we picked (copy right) and the length. So unfortunatly i am unable to show you a glimpse of my wonderful video
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    arw thanks girls,

    Rachael ur dvd sounds fab! i am definitely being swayed to have one; keep thinking when we have children i would love to show them the dvd too. We're the same where we're thinking if we don't we could shave a lot of money off but i guess it is worth the money as a lasting reminder,

    x x
  • Hi Ruby2

    I've been toying with the idea for the same reasons as you have ( money !!! image ) Plus to me the most important thing is the photographs. They must be perfect as i believe they will last for generations, I still have all my grandparents wedding photos and i just love to look at them. My gran used to sit with me and go through memories of the day but she always said if she had the choice to have a video she would have coz there are so many things of the day she missed as she was off doing other things. So after long hard thinking we have decided to go ahead and book it along with our photos. our photographer offers both services. hes and we are getting married 2010 in protaras

    hope this helps with your choises hun xx
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