hi, i have 97 days to go to my wedding in paphos , I think it is time to start thinking about the best cheapest place to get my affidavit from . can anyone tell me where they got there's from and roughly how much they paid for them , thanks a lot


  • Hi,

    We went in the week to have our meeting with the solictor to get it done. Its costing us £150 including VAT

  • There are previous posts on here where people have written them themselves and just taken them to the solicitors to get signed and its cost £5...its on this topic somewhere!!


  • I went to a local solicitor last week, he drew the whole thing up for us whilst we waited, charged us £20 each, which was a surprise, was expecting it to be more expensive! I was thinking about writing up my own and taking it in, but it was hassle-free having the solicitor do it instead!xx
  • We have got to have ours done by a solictor because the company olympic wnat it odne on letter headed paper. Check what they want you to do. They also want a copy when its done to check its all ok.

    Kelly xx
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    I thought Affadavits had to be completed no more than a month before the wedding date? I've booked with Libra for a Church wedding.

    Also do we need to tell our local registry office of our intent to marry abroad like we've had to tell our priest?

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    hi thanks for the replys , I was told the arridavit had to be no more than 3 months old , I get married 25th may so i carn't get it any earlier than 25th feb . I think my wedding organiser want me to fax her a copy and the cheeky b--gg--rs wants 50cyp for checking it before we go . they keep on adding money on for allsorts my organisers we booked this wedding in oct 2006 but they keep adding prices on as now in 2007 there prices have gone up , im getting dead annoyed with them . i'll phone a few solicitors in the morning and see how much they charge thank you
  • Hi Sammys

    You can get your affidavit done here in cyprus, its a simple trip to the courts, and takes only a few minutes and costs only a few pounds for the stamps. Im disgusted that any wedding planner thinks they can charge 50 pound to check your documents, is that not part of their job. But if you ask them about getting them done, most woudld charge a small fee to cover their time of purchasing the stamps that are required and taking you to the court but least then you wont be charge 50 pound to have them check. Could you maybe ask them about making them here in cyprus

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    hi thanks evecyprus i will email them in the morning to find out about getting them done over there , but i bet they tell me they want 50cyp ( plus prob more money ) for them taking us to the court to get the affidavit ,as they prob dont want to be done out of any loosing money out of me, I have paid the wedding organiser £360 we are just getting married over there no reception or meal no trimmings , there is only the two of us , so we are doing all that when we get home so all they have done is arranged the time at the town hall for us oh! and 36 photos by a photographer for 400cyp do you think that is cheap or expensive thanks
  • Hi sammy

    I dont really think its cheap, wedding co ordinators prices can vary alot. and photgraphy also can vary, but to be honest you have now paid this company so really theres not much you can do about it. Im sure they will do a great job and there is no point dwelling on somthing you can not change just look forward to a wonderful wedding day

    Hope you have a beautiful wedding


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