Wedding Dress and Humidity?

I'm getting married in Australia and will be carrying my dress as hand luggage.

On the way to Oz, we are stopping in Singapore for a few days to get H2B's outfit made for him. When we went last year, the humidity was so high that a white skirt I had water marks on it when I opened it up. The skirt was taken out of my case and left in our room, but not hung up. The water marks were where the fold of the skirt was.

How can I avoid this happening to my dress? Obviously I can't hang the dress up as H2B will see it. I don't want to arrive in Oz and see nasty water marks all over my dress!!

Can anyone advise me the best way to avoid this happening?


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    Hi Sezmo27, how about using this thin paper that they sometimes use when you buy clothes and they put it where the clothes are folded? It is almost transparent and might be absorbent just in case? Sorry, don't know what this paper is called and don't know how else you could stop your dress from "sweating". Have you spoken to your dressmaker?

    Or maybe those boxes everyone talkes about they are supposed to be ideal for storage?

  • Hi Girls

    I think you need to mke sure your dress is carefully packed in acid free tissue paper. I live in Bangkok where the humidity is pretty horrific at certain times of year but I can't say I've ever had a problem with water marks on my clothes (including a pair of white silk trousers that get grubby as soon as I pull them on. Just try to ensure that everything is totally dry when you pack it and then try to keep the air-con on in your room when you get to Singapore as this will help to minimise the humidity.


  • Thanks for your replies girls!

    I think I will ask the dress shop to pack the dress with the acid free paper in a box suitable as hand luggage. I will just have to hope this is enough!

    The water marks on my skirt washed out no problem, but I think it's a bit more difficult to get a dress washed. I will have time in Oz before the wedding if I have to get the dress cleaned though.
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