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I have just this second been speaking to Thomas Cook who definitely says that the size for hand luggage is 43 x 28 x 23 cm which is far too small for any wedding dress travel box!

But if you haven't been allocated extra luggage allowance allready give them a call and they give you an extra 20kg for your bridal attire. Which is a lot as with that you can have a hard suitcase filled with all your wedding things. There's no way I ever dreamed of not having my dress by my side but that's the way it is so i might as well get used to it. :\(

I know other brides have said this already but for newies on here who wouldn't have seen the other posts, this is for you x


  • hi yes i am a thomas cook traveller and i was told the same, so i have just bought a hard suitcase to put all my wedding attire in, and just hope and pray it gets to paphos safe and sound. if it has to be there is nothing we can do about it... just out of interest my mum is travelling with a diff airline and they said all airlines are very strict now regading hand luggage size and they all now opperate the same weight restriction, so to warn you all travelling with your dresses, just check with the airline beforehand. Its going to be one of those things that we will have to trust, i really didnt want to put mine in the hold, but i have no choice. anyone else been told they have to as well with different airlines????

  • Hi

    Thanks for that Cuban Bride! Am travelling with Thomas Cook and when I called to speak to them about my wedding dress they never mentioned my extra 20kg, so have called again & sorted it! Am going to put h2b's clothes in there also , so that if it goes missing at least neither of us will have anything! Will have to get married in a sarong!

  • They are a little sneaky like that I must say as I only got allocated with the extra 20kg as a result of me phoning them, surely wouldn't it be easier for them to just give it to you when you book your flights/weddimoons etc....xx
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