Venice! anyone done it without a planner...

Hello, this is my first post. Its good to see a healthy looking forum with lots of posts and friendly people!

Me and are planning our wedding. I can't believe how excited I am!!!!!!!!!

We're having a tiny wedding in Venice and have had 2 quotes for planning, one 2000euros and one 1300. It was only the papework and translation we need doing really, cos we have some friends in Venice who are happy to help but at the same time we don't want to make them do everything as they are busy people!

Anyone out there wth any advice, good or bad about doing everything on your own in Italy?




  • Hi Lillibet,

    We're getting married in Tuscany and although we originally thought the planner was a lot of money, we went with it just for ease and reassurance.

    I don't know much about Venice, but we are planning on spending a few days there after our wedding for the honeymoon. As you have friends there i wondered if you could recommend any places to stay?


    Jo x
  • Hi jo, Yeah I think its looking that way for us too sadly, just need to get a reasonable quote.I'd much rather spend on platinum rings than translation! I do think it would aleviate some of the stress if we had someone just for the paperwork. But there again my friend's italian boyfriend IS studying law,so I'm like er, Heeello?!

    Oh you'll love Venice!! you're right to spend only few days there though, I'd personally say 3 maximum. Its quite a hectic little place, which can be a bit tyring, but the food, wine and architecture is amazing,!! (Remember to go off the beaten track for eating out, if you go in an obvious touristy place you'll get ripped off, the best places we eat in are tucked round a corner in the labyrinth of streets - better food, much better prices!) I'm not sure on hotels cos we always stay at my friend's apartment in a nearby town. I'll make enquiries for you though and get back to you asap....

    Still hanging out for someone to say 'oh yes we did civil ceremony Italy for 500quid and no problems' but fearing that I'm just dreaming now.....Ah well.....image

    Lillibet x

  • Venice is absolutely stunning!!!! I love it.

    So romantic it's unbelievable, i guess it holds a special place in my heart too as my H2B proposed there.

    We stayed at the Danielli, which is a starwood property, and if you can get any discounted rates there i would highly reccomend it!

    I used to work for Starwood, so we got great rates, but unfortunately i cannot help anymore!


    Sorry Lillybet, i didn't mean to just butt in and not help out with your prob, but couldn't help responding...Unfortunately i know nothing about organising weddings there, but i can imagin it's going to be incredible! PLEASE show us some pics once you are married!Do you have any of the venue?
  • Hello my dear...I just got back from Italy yesterday and I am in a rush now, but I have good news for you about getting a wedding planner. I don't know Venice very well, but my scottish friend wants to get married there and so asked me for help. While I was in Italy I shopped around for wedding planners and through my dad I got to meet this lovely lady in charge of an event organising firm who also have a wedding planning division which operates in every region of Italy. The good news is that they are free. They only charge a small fee for the paper work. They make their money by earning commission from the suppliers(hairdresser, florist, hotels etc..). They will organise everything for you completely free. Soon they will have a english website only on weddings in venice, (now their website is only in italian). So...send me your email, and I can send you all her details. Speak to you tomorrow. Don't worry about a thing. p.s when are u planning to get married?




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