Song to walk in completely stuck.!!

alrite brides to be

Is anyone out there not having the tradional wedding march??? I am looking for a song to walk down the aisle to and im completely stuck. Last year my friend got married to Mariah Carrey and Luther Van Dross, Endless Love. It was a lovely song for her to enter to and so romantic. Is anyone else having the same problem. I'll keep you posted if I can think of any.

Also, Im getting married in Paphos Town Hall, does anyone know if they have a CD player??

thanx laura x


  • Maybe the song you're having as your first dance? Or another love song that means something to you both. I must admit we are still undecided, it took us months to choose our first dance song, maybe we'll just go with that!
  • Hiya,

    I'm getting married in Jamaica - we have composed our own CD.

    I'm walking into Pachebels Cannon in D major. We are also using that as the incidental music

    on the DVD rather than some manic naff music. Its not too heavy.

    At the end of the DVD when we walk off into the sunset we are using "our Song" which is

    Sugababes "Too lost in you".

  • We have a band to play as I walk down the path to the wedding gazebo,

    How about Brian Adams - Anything I do ( If that's what it's called)!

    I think it's a lovely song and quite appropriate x
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    there are quite a few posts on here regarding this subject, I know i started one a while ago but can't remember in which forum.... mmmm think I may be spending too much time on here...there are quite a few on the planning page.

    We are thinking of having:-

    eva cassidy - Songbird (to walk in to)

    jack johnson - Better together (to walk out to after the ceremony)

    Ronan Keating - You Say It Best (while we are signing)

    A few other suggestions that I remember are:-

    Extreme - More than Words

    Savage garden - Truly Madly Deeply

    Katie Melua - Call Off The search

    Shania Twain - Still The One or From This Moment

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