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Massive Argument with H2B

Sorry girls, but i had to speak to someone. Just had (well about 2 hours ago) a massive argument with H2B. It all started when he borrowed my car today and arranged for him to collect me from work at 5pm. No sign of him, so at 5.15pm my colleague said she would give me a lift. I tried to call him on his mobile but this went straight to answerphone. By this time I was totally loosing the plot. I got home, no sign of him. I rang his mum - not in. I had terrible thoughts running through my head and then at 6pm he turns up. Turns out he was with his mate and lost track of time. Apparently he got to my work place at 5.20.

Anyway, when he got in he stunk of beer and appeared, to me anyway, pissed. I just lost the plot saying he was drunk and driving. He says he wasn't, had a big row and he's gone to bed.

I'm so stressed at the moment what with work, arranging the wedding in 11 weeks time and so forth. He said some horrible things and so did I. Everything seems to have got on top of me. Arranged accomodation for his mother & father, flights and everything. Also accomodation for other members of his family. It's really started to get me down.

Anyone else feeling this way or is it just me? Thanks for listening

Claire x


  • Hi

    Try not to worry, everyone says things at times that they dont mean. You maybe both feeling abit under pressure at the moment. If I was you, I would go and have a nice relaxing bath and a drink(hot chocolate or something that you like). If your like me you will feel better for it after.

    Probably best leaving him to himself tonight if he has had a drink and gone to bed. However tomorrow I would just explain that you were abit upset that he didnt arrive on time to pick you up and got abit worried that he wasnt answering his phone. You'll probably find that any bad things said will be regretted. Things should have cooled down tomorrow, which should allow you to talk it over and put it behind you. If your feeling abit stressed with it all why not trying to take a day out where you dont do anything related to the wedding. For example you could go to the cinema (fairly cheap) something that will take your mind off all the things that needs to be done for a couple of hours. If your skint perhaps you could go for a walk somewhere over the weekend.

    Whatever you decide try not to worry about it now.

  • Claire,

    Sorry to hear you've had a row. As cheekycharlie

    said, things are said in haste, with the wedding so close now you both will be under tremendous pressure.

    just to repeat what CC said, tell him you were worried as he wasn't answering his phone after being late to pick you up. Then to come home in a car smelling of booze having driven it himself you were hinking the worst of what might of happened.

    He will regret saying things as much as you do, i'm sure.

    If he's anything like my h2b he only has to have so much as 1 pint of beer he stinks of it and smells like he's had loads!

    Let us know how it goes hun will be thinking of you today x cb x
  • bellaukbellauk Posts: 357
    Thanks for your advice and yes it was better this morning and yes we're both under a lot of pressure at the moment. I thought that getting married abroad was meant to be stress free. HOW WRONG WAS I. I think what made matters worse was that it was our 4 year aniversary and I wanted to do something special. Anyway, he apologised this am and said we would do something special tonight instead.

    Love to you all


  • Oh i know that feeling...We have been going through stress as well, you just can't help the pressure mounting! And unfortunately i don't think we realise that they boys actually get stressed too...even if they don't show it, it comes out in other ways!

    Glad to hear you two are back to normal this morning!

    We have been having a few arguments recently too...I think it's pretty normal for this stressful time. When we bought our house we rowed constantly for 2 weeks, just bickering and snapping, it's stress! But after the rows you reslise how much you mean to each other, and it's all forgotten!

    My best friend got married in July last year, and they had a few arguments before hand. Try not stress too much. If you need to talk this is the place!

    Hope you have a lovely time tonight!

  • bellaukbellauk Posts: 357
    Just to let you know that after yesterdays episode, H2B has apologised for being an arse and came back this afternoon with a beautiful bouquet and a card. To top it all, he's cooking fillet steak for our tea!!!!



  • So glad you have sorted things and can I come for tea??

    Have a good evening x
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