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Has anyone been in to debenhams recently and seen if they have the mens summer suits in yet?

I went on 3rd Feb and they said they were due in anytime but my friend went the week after and they still weren't in.

Just wondered if they had any cream/pale linen suits in the collection this year?

If anyone's planning ashopping trip, and can have a peep for me that'd be fab as we haven't a deb's near us!

I can't even look at the website as my computer stops any pop ups even after removing the blocker! Stupid thing it get's on my nerves!!

Thank you ;\)

x cb x

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  • I know that M&S have a stone coloured linen mix suit in their Italian collection.
  • kel2912kel2912 Posts: 575
    H&M have got a nice cream linen suit in at the mo.

    Kelly x
  • Hi

    Im not sure if debenhams have had their suits in.....

    but my h2b has had his cream linen suit from next.....its lovely....its looks better than it does in the catalogue!!!

    Caroline xxx
  • Thanks caroline, my H2b has looked at that suit but needs a lighter shade than the next one, it's a shame as it's a lovely suit!

    Thanks kelly will have a look x
  • I live in Germany, and our local branch of Zara has a beautiful VERY pale ivory linen suit in at the moment. I'm pretty sure that their range is exactly the same Europe-wide, might be worth a look?
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