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Wedding venues in & around Larnaca?????

I'm getting married in Cyprus this September, but I am having a hard time finding a small licenced venue that is overlooking the sea or an intimate hillside venue in & around Larnaca. Also Does anyone know of any a typical Cypriot Taverna for a reception venue, basicly anywhere that serves good local food ? Any info would be really appreciated.



  • Hi Charlie,

    have you booked your wedding already? just want you to know of a company called paphos sea cruises, who will allow you to hire yachts or catermarans for your wedding venue and reception, or just the reception, they do this all over the island of cyprus.

    the company is highly reccomeneded and i am even using them myself for my wedding!

    if you want help arraging the wedding give me a call just check out my web page.

    i am not in this for your money just to give you helpful and friendly advice.

    have you booked your hotel? which one is it? im so happy about my choice of venue i want people to feel the same excitement!!

    Jade xxx;\)
  • Hello Jade,

    thank you very much for the info, we don't have anything booked as yet. I have been looking at the Londa hotel, but I think it's just a bit to far away from Larnaca

    We are going out in April to see the in-laws who live in Oroklini to get some ideas. We really would love a low key intimate wedding, there won't be more than 13 people (including ourselfs) Also for the reception we have a picture in our minds of a hill side Taverna, really rustic, quaint and beautiful views. As for the Ceremony we our open to suggestions, but again we would love it to be a intimate affair.


    Charlie :\)

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