Anyone Booked Their Wedding With Sovereign/First Choice

Just wondering if any of you have booked your wedding with Sovereign. The reason why I ask is that they don't appear to have given us all the correct information concerning what paperwork is required and as you can imagine with only 11 weeks before we go to Greece, i've started to REALLY PANIC.

We were told and got in writing that they require a copy of our full passports, full birth certificates and certificate of no impediment. This is all fine. We also were aware that we need to send these to be legalised at The Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London. Which again we knew about as it was in their literature, however nowhere does it states then we would need to get them translated and then to send them to the Greek Embassy to be legalised.

As we don't live anywhere near London and it now appears that we have very little time, I think that we're going to have to make the journey down there and sort the paperwork out ourselves.

I feel a little let down by Sovereign and felt like they're saying get on with it. What does the wedding department do?

A friend got married in Greece lat year but booked with Argo. All he had to do was to send the three above docs to The F&C Office and then they send them direct to Argo. Argo then arranged translations etc.

ANybody had experience with this sort of thing? It's making me so stressed so much that someone in work asked how the planning was going and I just burst into tears.



  • Hi Clare,

    We have booked with Sovereign to get married on15th June at Emelisse Art Hotel in Kefalonia.

    Im sure that it states in our paperwork that we have to get it translated into Greek and authorised by the Greek Embassy before sending it to Sovereign.

    They are absolutely useless though. Have been waiting for a month for an e mail from them about Reception ideas and menus and nothing has been forthcoming.

    Also, what are we paying the money for? It seems they have nothing to do in the deal apart from collect money and having spoken to other people, other companies seem to do a lot more for you!

    We have to get our certificate of no impediment on 15th March so I am beginning to get really stressed out about doing it all in the timescale.

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