wedding in Protaras, can you help with venue?

Hi! Me and my H2B will be travelling to Cyprus in June to look at Venues. We have narrowed it down to the sunrise beach hotel, adams beach hotel, capo bay, nissi beach hotel and grecian park hotel. We will be looking at all of these hotels but wondered if anyone has any experience and advice about any of the above. We are hoping to get married in April 2010 and will hopefully book in with the town hall when we are there. Any advice about Cyprus weddings or the venues/additional venues would be appreciated.

Thank you, Lisa


  • hi we had a look at the grecian park when out there last year, it's beautiful but was slightly out of our budget so we've gone with the golden coast which took our breath away - let us know where you choose xx
  • Hi I didn't know the golden coast did weddings? I couldn't find anything on their website. Did you book directly through the hotel and if so, who did you contact?

    Thanks, Lisa x
  • Hi, I am geting married at the Golden Coast this August.

    Here is the link to their wedding page on their website

    I have booked through First Choice.
  • BunchyGirl, when are you getting married?
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    we were married at the capo bay last year and it was fantastic....
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    We're getting married at the Sunrise Beach next August but are going blind as we've never been. You'll have to let me know what its like!!

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    You wont go wrong with any of those all lovely hotels visted all except sunrise but know someone who got married at sunrise and saw her pics capo looks lovely grecian park was a bit up in the sticks for my liking but they have free bus into the center so no complaints there about getting taxis's. adams lovely rooms with jacuzzi in rooms if you get a suite! Nissi garedns beautiful!
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    You can save time and money by visiting

    It's a kind of support center online.

    Why dont' you make a try?

    Best Regards

  • Hi I stayed at castino great april 2008 as was looking wedding destinations . Depends on kind of ceremony you want ow private etc . If you 're not worried about privacy most hotels on that stretch seem to do weddings . Buses are frequent into ayia napa to I did love the sand and sea at nissi beach the adams and nissi beach are gorgeous too. I think i took pictures of most hotels so if you let me know your email address I can try send you some . Beach fronts are lovely there and there is plenty to do. Easy to hire a car and get around the island . Good luck with all your planning .
  • Hi confusedb2b, so have you booked your venue? if you have pictures that would be great, as it may give us more ideas for when we are over there. My e-mail address is [email protected]

    Thanks very much, Lisa x
  • Hi no but I took pics of nissi beach , Grecian Park and Sunrise as we walked around it I could try post pics on here is it hard lol . I am still trying to decide on where myself at moment there really is to much choice . But the wedding coordiantor who took us round Grecian was lovely . The beaches in that area are so nice soft sand and clear seas.

  • Those are the three we have looked at on the internet, so pics would be fabulous, especially as we want to get married this time next year. Did they mention to you about setting a date and booking through the town hall? Thanks again, Lisa
  • Uploading iamge didn't work I am emailing some to you ut would be handy to have them on net so others can see. How do you do one of those flicker accounts ? I took some of rooms and things in Grecian the guy as I said was very friendly and took us round all the parts of hotel .
  • You should be able to create a new flickr account, you just have to sign up to it. Best wishes, Lisa
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    Hi everyone

    Just found this thread and noticed that there are some more Golden Coast brides image

    When are you getting married out there ladies?

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    hi getting married at golden coast on september the 8th...not long now. so excited x
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    Hi. We're getting married at the Grecian Park in July! The venue is out of this world - you can get married on the top of the cliff looking out to Cape

    Greco. Their website has just been updated and has new photos on it. Grecian Park is in between Ayia Napa & Protaras and is away from the hustle & bustle! - I prefered it as we saw one wedding going on in Protaras which took place surrounded 360deg by sunbathers in swim wear! The grecain venue is away from the pool areas etc! we went out last year to have a look around and choose our venue! Angelos at Grecian Park is very good!
  • Im getting married at The Golden Coast on the 25th August!

    How about you Just_julie?
  • Hi

    I'm getting married in the Golden Coast chapel 3 weeks tomorrow!!! I hope this flu doesn't escilate any further to stop me getting out there!!

    I'll send back a full report and pictures for you other Golden Coast Girls
  • Wow, i bet you cant wait Rowleyswife.

    Did you book through a travel agent or use a wedding planner?

    How many guests have you got coming out?

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    I'm in between you both - GoldenCoastGirl and MrsLancaster2be image

    h2b is being made redundant shortly tho so not sure what we're gonna do. Bit fed up tbh as we've already postponed once and we loved the Golden Coast when we looked round last year. We have to pay the balance in June so will have to make our minds up shortly I guess!

    How is everyone's plans coming along?

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