Florida Beach Wedding

Hi, probably a repeated topic...sorry

we are thinking about going to florida to get married...his suggestion, thing is i have not a scoobie how to go about costing this of where to begin the research.

All i know is we had decided 16/10/10 as our date, and that about it!

Any heads up on where to start...


gem x


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    Hi Gemzy.

    there is ahuge florida wedding thread on here:


    this is where we all hang out, and chat there's about 400 pages, so should give you a couple of ideas...hehe

    don't worry i didn't have a clue either, but it's good you've got a date. to start with i googgled florida destinations, to see where i liked, then broke it down to wedding planners in that area etc, then booked my glights and hotel around that. but come on to the main thread, all of the girls are really helpful, and a lot of them have completely organised their own wedding.

    hope this helps.

    Btw i'm getting married on the beach at Cocoa beach, and my wedding planner /organiser is Beach weddings by joanie. (and i do it in 41 days time...YAY!!!!

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    Start out with wedding planners that can help you! Then check out a list of venues to narrow down what you love! There is a great list to start looking at here http://new.bestmiamiweddings.com/venue-address/south-florida-wedding-venues/ 

    These venues work with caterers so that will help you widen up your options for food, etc. See if you can get in touch with Nelly Taveras, she is an awesome wedding planner in Florida! Her site is here http://try.bestmiamiweddings.com/nelly/

    It's great that you are able to visit and check out the places for yourself! 

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