Anyone getting married in Turkey??


Is anyone getting married in Turkey?

Just looking at all options at the mo.

Thanks, Nicci xx


  • jamspongejamsponge Posts: 131
    Hi Nicci we are getting married this July in Olu denz.
  • jaj123jaj123 Posts: 4
    hi nicci getting married this september in side turkey. x
  • 21aug0521aug05 Posts: 313
    we are getting married in oul deniz in june
  • kayr68kayr68 Posts: 417
    Yes, Kalkan next year.
  • starkey77starkey77 Posts: 106
    Hi I'm also getting married in Side in September. The Palamo Perissia, it looks really nice. By the way Jaj123 have you learned anymore details about the hotel/date yet? I got my pack through from Thomas Cook last week but did'nt learn anything new. Have you managed to confirm that your son will be there yet?
  • muttzy99muttzy99 Posts: 173
    I get married in 4 weeks in Olu Deniz at the Paradise Garden Hotel. Very excited now, I can't wait

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