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we are booking our wedding in mexico for ourselves and our guests, so it goes through as a group booking thus (hopefully) getting the best discount possible....does anyone know what kind of discount we should be aiming for?

We are booking 30 people at a 5 star hotel, so it is alot of money we are bringing them in one booking...just don't know how much we should expect to get discounted?

Any help would be appreciated



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    When we booked for mexico through thomas cook for group booking thy wouldnt give us discount.Which we were disappointed at.We ended up booking all the familys separate to get some sort of discount,All the bookings then just linked into each other.still the discount wasnt muchx
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    Honestly? Thats really many people do you have going with you?

  • LCbride2beLCbride2be Posts: 445

    We have 24 of us goin altogether.Yeah we were really disappointed at the time too.Cause we were originally told we would get group discount in the travel agencies while waiting on prices coming out.Then when we went to book we were told nothing they could do.We even tried ringin thimas cook group bookings direct still had no luck.In the end for an adult we paid £1385.00 and for a child between 2-12 we paid £700.00 .
  • LCbride2beLCbride2be Posts: 445
    Very disappointing for the amount of money were were spending considering there was 24 of us booking!!
  • the same for me im afraid - apparently group discounts only apply for 40 + now...and event then its sometimes better with the internet prices x
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    that is very disappointing! we went into first choice yesterday, and they are calling us back on monday with a discount - i'll let you know what they offer us...but their flight times aren't ideal so unless their prices are waaayy different to what thomas cook offer us, we won't be taking it...but i wanted to be armed with all the info from other ta's for when thomas cook give us prices so we can try getting them to compete.

    I agree, based on the full prices, we are going to be spending in excess of 50grand on flights and accommodation alone, so they had better offer us something! where did you book up for lady?
  • WE have booked with fc for mexico and the first price they offered us was over £55 thousand for 30 ppl and they only offered us 500 quid deposit x
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    omg your kidding? that is a massive slap on the face!! we took a note of the prices they offered us before the discount, so it will be very interesting to see what first choice come back with tomorrow.

    Yeah i did actually hear someone in thomson asking about the price they were getting quoted for their holiday, as the website was lower - and the ta said they don't match the website prices! I think thats terrible customer service!!

    I know first hand that thomas cook do match the website price as it happened to us last year...but i still want lower! grrr
  • i mean 500 quid discount image
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    Thats terrible! I only booked 10 people at once and got discount! I think we got over about £500 quid, on about 12k.Cant remember the exact figures, its been booked for over a year now!

    You definately want to shop around1
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    i have booked with thomas cook for my wedding in cuba booked 31 people. I had already got a quote from fc before i went in there and the lady asked if i had been anywhere else and i showed her what we had been quoted. she did it for less then we got a group discount which worked out 150 per person for the adults and we had 26 so a massive discount. xx
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    hi we are booking with virgin and get 7% discount as there will be 15 of us.You have to have 10 adults in the booking to get this
  • It depends on the hotel - the Elysium in Cyprus won't do group booking discounts through travel agents in case they get 'the wrong sort' apparently. But other (not 5 star) hotels offered about a 20% discount if there were more than 30 in the group. We abandoned the idea as the hassle of booking and getting that much money off so many people made me want to cry just at the thought of it! x
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    It also depends on the tour operator. We have just booked in St Lucia with a small tour operator who talk to the hotels directly so we got a really good deal. I looked at Virgin but they only offered 7% off for the group in the end Simply St Lucia negiotated for all of us 7 nights for the prioe of 6 saving approx $500 per couple and also they negiotated no child rates for my sisters kids so this saved for her as well. I know we got a great deal and can't wait!
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    I've been offered 5% - what you's think - should i try for more?! image
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    I would try for more!

    Why dont you take your quote to another tour operator and try for more! I Would definately try!

    I can always let you have my travel agents details, they were very competitiive even when i took my lowest quote in! I have to say i think its also important that your happy with the girl dealing with it for you, and that you trust her!
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    I just realised your trying for Mexico, if i was you, i would hold off for a bit. All this bad press will effect the prices i'm sure! Leave it a couple of weeks if you can!
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    yeah thats what i've been thinking too! I defo am going to hold off...was just wondering if 5% was a good enough discount to close at.

    we have went to thomson and first choice, and the best deal had been from thomson...thomas cook came in higher, but they have matched thomsons price...which is a winner! and i agree with what you say about trusting the ta, the girl in thomson was really nice and bubbly, but i didn't trust her with my booking...we walked out and the first thing i said to my h2b was that i didn't trust her!lol i haven't met the girl in thomas cook, but she has by far been the most helpful ta i've dealt with, and has always been really quick to get back to me with prices and details too!

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