Anyone married/getting married at Sandals in St Lucia?

Still trying to 100% make up my mind to go with this, has anyone else gotten married here or planning to and have any feedback or advice on everything about getting married here - am just getting started, so excited!!

Thank you!


  • bevierebeviere Posts: 35
    I have just booked my St Lucia Wedding I was thinking about Sandals because I didn't know much about the island but then my h2b found a great company that specialise in St Lucia, Simply St Lucia and they recommended lots of different options. We are now getting married at East Winds Inn and we got a great group discount!! So I can't wait now.
  • GCB81GCB81 Posts: 64
    Check out Trip Advisor as i think there have been some negative comments about weddings there
  • Thanks, what's trip advisor? Another website?
  • luluwhiteluluwhite Posts: 181
    Trip advisor is a website where travellers can write reviews of holidays, hotels etc. It's great to check out hotels before you book. I use it all the time. I am also thinking of getting married in St Lucia but not any of the Sandals hotels.Try
  • bevierebeviere Posts: 35
    Trip advisor is excellent one of the main reasons we didn't book Sandals is because I had heard it is full of Americans and has a very american feel to the resorts and I really wanted to experience a more traditional caribbean resort I hadn't even heard of East Winds Inns before my agent suggested it! Only 1 year to wait x Maybe we should set up a St Lucia brides topic?
  • luluwhiteluluwhite Posts: 181
    I agree with green7 I think Sandals looks too 'commercial'or something and a bit of a rip off! I had a look at East Winds too. Is it a smaller resort?
  • bevierebeviere Posts: 35
    Yes East Winds Inn is a small resort about 30 rooms and the food is suppose to be excellent!!! We have 18 of us going so should be lots of fun x
  • BeachbrideukBeachbrideuk Posts: 2,154
    Just thought I'd say hi!

    I'm a St Lucia bride, but I am getting married on a private beach on Pigeon Island.

    I have head good things about East Winds Green7 - should be good.

    When are your weddings girls?
  • luluwhiteluluwhite Posts: 181
    I haven't actually booked yet....still doing research! But hope to get married 25 May next year. Two years from when we got engaged!

    Does anyone want to set up a St Lucia brides topic as green7 suggests??
  • Thanks for the feedback, maybe I should look at other St Lucia resorts then, it's a beautiful islands but yes guess Sandals does seem expensive and wouldn't want to be the only English people! Thanks for the advice I'll check out Est Winds.

    Yes am all for a St Lucia brides topic but am new to this site so not sure how it works...
  • bevierebeviere Posts: 35
    Hi I also don't know how to set up a new topic but if anyone does it would be most welcomed! all of you I can really recommend my wedding planner we are so happy that we found someone that knew the island and every hotel so it made our choices so much easier, she offered us hotels, villas and even to get married on a traditional plantation! and also we got our wedding cheaper than going directly to the hotel and even Virgin. I can't say enough about the service we are receiving her name is Natasha at even if you don't use them you can get lots of free advice!! We are getting married next April 2010.
  • bevierebeviere Posts: 35
    Hi Beach-bride when are you getting married? x
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