Anyone else had/having two celebrations?

hi girls we are thinking of flying to Vegas for our wedding(just the two of us) and then extending the holiday to go city hopping for our honeymoon( vegas-NYC-miami)

we then want a blessing and reception once we get back. all a bit back to front!anyone doing something similar?am i crazy?!

we think it could work as we live in spain and would take our kids to their grandparents in the uk before heading on to the US. we could hold our blessing and reception back in spain at a later date and have our friends and family join us just as we would have done for a big white wedding.

Any thoughts?x


  • Hi mummy22, that sounds like a great idea - why not extend your wedding celebration and make the most of it?!! Sounds fab! We are getting married in Italy with around 35 guests, mainly close friends and our parents, but then having a reception back in the UK - this is mainly for the benefit of our parents who want to invite our extended families along! I am not that bothered about the UK reception but at least it gives me an excuse to wear my dress again and to extend the celebration that bit longer!
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    We wanted a quiet wedding so we have decided to go to St Lucia to get married, have our honeymoon and then comeback to have a blessing then a celebration of marriage party to include our family and friends.
  • Hi, icklerose, we're doing the same, both my h2b and i have both been married before and wanted a wedding/honeymoon just for the two of us and have booked St Lucia in a couples only resort for next year, we've only a small group of close freinds and family so still deciding what to do on our return for a reception party, i'd love to do a bbq or buffet at home in our garden but it's just a little bit too small and don't want to annoy the neighbours with noise and music, so thinking of checking out our local golf course for a venue, but still can't make our minds up. Where are you going in St Lucia?
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    Thanks for the reply your the first person to actually respond to any posts i have made on this site.

    Anyways we havent' actually got the wedding booked yet as we are still deciding on whether to use sandals or the rendezvous, we have found rough prices and will decide pretty soon.

    If you want to email me or add me to msn you can by using [email protected] it would be good to have contact with someone doing the same as us.

    So where are you from and when are you getting married? We are hoping for the 11th September 2010.
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    Hi there,

    We are getting married in Italy which is the main wedding, and then having a garden party (which will just be informal and we'll invite everyone who wants to come!) when we get back. Think it is quite common for people getting married abroad - you can't invite everyone, and not everyone can make it. I am looking forward to our garden party as it gives me something to look forward to once we get back! We're not calling it a reception - it's a wedding garden party. We have a reasonably large garden so hopefully it will accommodate everyone. Hopefully won't annoy the neighbours either as they'll be coming!
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    We are doing similal to NaoCat - our wedding in Italy with close friends & family, then a big wedding party in a marquee when we get back, which we will invite everyone to, just have a hog roast & buffet and a band on. We will show the dvd of Italy & a slideshow of wedding pics, and wear our outfits again - I'm really looking forward to the whole thing!!!
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    Oh I'm glad I'm not the only one!I suppose it does feel a bigger deal as all our family and friends will still be flying over for the blessing/reception from the UK. I dont think they'll mind though!

  • Icklerose, i'll drop you an email with our wedding plans in more detail, but we have gone through Whitesands weddings as recommended by h2b's sister who used them last year. She had a wedding/honeymoon at the Rendezvous for just her and her fella and thoroughly enjoyed it, so we're doing the same next year hopefully, she doesn't stop going on about it and remembering things to tell me, which is really sweet. I looked on tripadvisor for reviews and they were mostly excellent, but it all depends on what sort of holiday/wedding/honeymoon you're after, you can also get a lot of info from

    NAOCat i like the idea of calling the reception a wedding garden party and keeping things casual, it's just a shame our garden is a little too small and you can never rely on the weather either, so i think our golf club is probably our best bet, none of our family and close friends live nearby so they would need accomodation over night too, so if im asking people to travel a fair distance and stay nearby, i'd like to give them something a little mre formal for a main reception but perhaps could have a small family bbq before hand or the day after so all sides get a chance to know each other. Anyway good luck ladies with all your plans and for the big day's themselves.
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    We are also having 2 celebrations, the wedding in Cyprus and a BBQ reception at this lovely country hotel back in the UK. Double the fun!

    Nicola xx
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    Hi everyone,

    Yey, someone else has the same idea!!! I have been planning a traditional christmas wedding in the uk for this december (2009) ... thank goodness i havent booked anything as i have completely changed my mind and we are now planning to marry in maritius - just me and my partner! very intimate and romantic! we are going to stay for one week. and have a lovely reception in a stately home nearby when we get home. I havent booked yet but i have been given a good quote .. im now worried though am i being a bit selfish going away to get married and leaving the children behind?? is that really bad?? any advice please guys xxxxxx
  • Jo-jo i have two children too from my previous marriage and we're are hoping to have an intimate wedding-moon as i've typed above, the resort is adults only so my children can't come, although my h2b gets on brilliantly with them, knowing them they would be bored quickly anyway, h2b and myself want some special time just to ourselves, we've got the rest of our lives with everyone else, so yes it's selfish but a well deserved way to start married life together.
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    Me and my OH are going away, just the two of us and then having a meal for close family when we get back. The reason for going away was to avoid the whole wedding circus fiasco so it will be just a meal in a restaurant.

    Titian have you booked Rendezvous? It is one of the hotels I have looked at. Who did you book with?

  • Lulu, yes we booked and paid the deposit, just need to save up for the rest, the reason i say hopefully, is that i am going through the divorce process and i know in some case it can drag on, but it hasn't put me off marrying again, which is another reason h2b and i want a intimate ceremony for just the two of us this time, and like you to avoid any circus happening. I went through a lady called Janet at Whitesands holidays, she was lovely and very helpful and did her upmost to get us the best quotes, which as it's next year wasn't easy for her as we have tried to do it independently and kept getting brick walls with flights and dates. As i said h2b's sister used them last year and thoroughly recommends them, they are a subsidary of co-op travel i think, so not a flaky or shonky company, and there are plenty of those out there promising the moon on stick.
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    What is included in your wedding package? I have just been looking at the usual travel company packages but some don't seem to offer a lot. Thomas Cook Signature seems the best out of them all and they appear cheaper than Virgin too. I would probably be booking with my local travel agents which is Co-Op Travel. Don't know if they would have info on Whitesands Weddings? We are hoping to get married next May but I can't decide between St Lucia or Antigua! They both look lush!
  • We've booked for flying out 25th May with wedding 29th as you have to be there for a couple of days for the ceremony and paperwork to get sorted. Have a look at for what's on offer, but basicaly the wedding is free if you upgrade to a verandah suite, the rendezvous is advertised is quite a lot of the standard honeymoon or caribean holiday brouchures and outlines the package as well. The whitesands people have a sight at and as i said Janet was really nice and helpful.
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