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It's Finally Booked :D

I can't quite believe it - Engaged since New Years 07/08 booked to fly out to the Dominican Republic 12th May 2010.

I'm so excited and relieved that it's finally booked, now the excitment and nerves can properly kick in....


  • lins842lins842 Posts: 2,038
    congratulations image

  • yey congrats!! its so exciting when u get it booked!

    im on hold to book the flight now then i can book the rreception back home and get the ball rolling
  • annouskaannouska Posts: 173
    Congratulations Kerry Lee

    Where abouts in the Dominican Republic are you going to?
  • LCbride2beLCbride2be Posts: 445
    Hey mexico bride 09 whe our you supposed to be headin to mexcio??
  • annouskaannouska Posts: 173
    Well I was booked to go Mexico for this July but I am going to change it to another destination......maybe the Dominican Republic for next year. I have upto the 19th May to change over my holiday to next year. We want to change it to next year as we have a baby on the way.
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