Seating Plans

Hey there

Im getting married June next year and Im unsure of how to do a seating plans actually I dont know where to start. Tips and advice needed!



  • Junior_Junior_ Posts: 95
    your tables are generally set out boy girl boy girl but that is not always possible. your top table should generally be chief bridesmaid, best man, mother of the groom, father of Bride, Bride, Groom, Mother of Bride, Father of Groom, minister's wife/female minister,

    Male Minister / minister's husband. The last to are always optional and the parents can be shifted around to suit. Your close family and friends should always be nearest the top table with the aunts and uncles your parents made you invite further back but refrain from numbering or lettering tables to save any upset. hope this helps

  • sammiuksammiuk Posts: 95

    Having had back all my rsvp's im now trying to sort my seating plan!! Its harder than i thought!

    I am giving a lot of thought to trying to match people with who i think they'll have something in common with and trying to separate those people who might not suit each other!!! I keep ending up with 3/4 people that i cant place - so i'll try again and get another 3/4 people left over!!!

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