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Mexico cancelled

Hey girls

Too all the girls out there thats had there flights to mexico cancelled,I know how yous our feeling.We are supposed to fly out on the 28 june not lookin like it.But the travel agency wont let us change or cancel to near the time.Im really freakin out here.Cant even find anywere else i would like to go to cause ive had my heart set on mexico for the last year!!

Any other girls know what there goin to do?????



  • im in the same situation, we are supposed to go on the 9th june xx dont know what to do x
  • LCbride2beLCbride2be Posts: 445
    Ive cried all day lol feelin sorry for myself.Everyone keeps tryin to reassure me it will blow over by then.But im not so sure.Then i have family in one here moaning that if flights are put back on they dont know whether they want to go or not.
  • My heart goes out to you all.

    I know i would be devastated in the same situation and don;t have any words of comfort for you all

    I'm thinking of you though xxxxxxx

  • LCbride2beLCbride2be Posts: 445
    Thanks sarahandpeter xx
  • Have the travel company not given you any advice my love?
  • curly_ktcurly_kt Posts: 122
    You poor things, I feel terrible for you, what a nightmare. 28th June is still a long way off so dont lose hope just yet x
  • mercedesuk1mercedesuk1 Posts: 2,814
    How does our wedding insurance or travel insurance cover this,keep at the travel agents, do not be fobbed off, this is your most important day.
  • LisababesLisababes Posts: 321
    Its such awful news my heart goes out to all you ladies that are due to marry/honeymoon in Mexico xx
  • anng91anng91 Posts: 2,130
    Really feel for you guys. Hope it all gets sorted soon and that everything gets back on track x
  • WeddingfanWeddingfan Posts: 432
    Hoping this passes quickly and that your travel companies offer advice soon. The poor people who's flights were cancelled with no notice must be heartbroken - our best wishes to you all.

  • we've had to rebook and go to Cyprus instead as due to fly on Monday, beacuse of our documentation we had the choice of kenya, sri lanka, florida or cyprus, but because of the short notice there were only flights to cyprus...finding very hard to get excited as the moon palace was my dream destination
  • littlewulflittlewulf Posts: 2,061
    I too fly out on the 28th of june but I'm not worried.

    Think about all the hysteria that surrounded bird flu!
  • We are just about to go to the travel agents to try and rebook. were due to fly out on the 15th May and have been told we can change to jamaica or cuba if there's anything available. keeping fingers crossed

  • LCbride2beLCbride2be Posts: 445
    hey sparklebride,

    Were abouts are you flyin out from???
  • mummy_no_2mummy_no_2 Posts: 550
    What do the travel insurance companies say about all this? Do they cover you for these circumstances?
  • littlewulflittlewulf Posts: 2,061
    From Gatwick. You?

  • Hi,

    We're due to fly out on 18 May. So far they are offering alternative arrangements but only with Thomsons and they seem to have next to nothing available. I was so excited about Mexico and had really started to focus on it in order to get through the stress of the next couple of weeks. I feel absolutely gutted.

    I managed to find an alternative holiday this morning but it's with Virgin so I now have to wait for my flights to be cancelled. I could just book it but I'm scared that there is a 0.01% chance that the flight won't be cancelled and I'll end up with two holidays.

    I spoke to my insurance company this morning hoping to cancel but apparently they only cover catastrophes once you are already there and, therefore, at this stage it would be dealt with under cancellation and they do not cover this where cancellation is as a result of government/local authority advice. I was fuming.

    I just don't know what to do now. I hate the thought that I may just have to sit and worry for the next 10 days until they finally decide to cancel my flight.

  • My heart goes out to all you girls, I can't even begin to imagine how you are all feeling.

    My only words of comfort would be to keep positive! xxxx
  • LCbride2beLCbride2be Posts: 445
    Were flyin from belfast!!

    Went into travel agency yesterday but we just have to wait and c wat happens there dealing with it week by week tryin to get ones sorted out first who were due to fly out this week or next.

    Really worried that when it comes to us it will be hard to get somewere else its not like we are only lookin one room we have 24 people goin with us thats 10 rooms.Which mite not be so easy to get.

    Even if we do get booked into somewere else will they be able to sort out wedding in so short noyice.For the hotel we are supposed to be goin to you dont need to sort out any legal documention the wedding planner does it all for you.But thats not the case with every resort.How am i supposed to organise that if they change our holiday at the end of may.Read it on here before it has took some people a good month to get it all back sorted.

    Sparklebride our you still willen to go if they open flights back up??Wat about anyone thats goin with you wats there opinion??Some of my family are makin it even more stressful for me.xx

  • DTWWDTWW Posts: 208
    i'm feeling very sorry for you all too - it must be utterly gutting to have come so far in all the planning & excitement & now this...

    hoping for all your sakes it does all blow over but it's not looking likely is it?

    huge hugs for you all,

    Mrs WW
  • mexmummexmum Posts: 75
    kelly2203 - can I ask, what do you mean because of documentation you only got the choice of these places? is this because you didnt have your birth certificate and passport legalised and transalated?

    I dont have mine done either as I didnt need it for my hotel in mexico.

    alchilole - i would move to cuba or jamica if I had the choice, did you have any documentation legalised and translated?

    i dont leave till 22nd June and I am hoping it will all die down by then imageimage

    this is a nightmare!!
  • kazbaldskazbalds Posts: 75
    It must be such an anxious time for you. image

    To those of you who are having to change venue, i can't begin to imagine how stressful that would be and i really hope the place you go to instead is amazing and you still manage to have the wedding of your dreams. To those of you who are getting married a bit later and are waiting to see how it pans out, i hope it turns out to be a storm in a teacup and your plans can go ahead as before.

    Fingers and toes crossed for you XXX
  • I m flying out on the 17th May to Moon Palace. My in laws are on the same flight as us and they haven t been contacted or told by travel agent that the flight is canceled. My mum is coming out on the Tuesday with Cosmos, she phoned them today and was told only cancelled flights upto 8 may at the moment!! Don t know wat to think? We are gonna wait and go maybe in June or wait till November. We have had this booked for over a year and I don t want to go anywhere else!! Good Luck Everyone else
  • helenb2209helenb2209 Posts: 5,102
    Was due to go this saturday, We are now off to egypt. The travel company have been utter crap though to us. Never ringing us back ans wanting more money out of us even though its 800 quid less than what we paid to go to mexico. Ims till waiting after 8 hrs to find out if the extra we asked for have been booked. She kept saying all day yes im doing it now, il ring you back. Im still waiting ! xx
  • mercedesuk1mercedesuk1 Posts: 2,814
    Hellsbells what travel agent was it not t cook by any chance there freakin useless.
  • Quoted:
    we've had to rebook and go to Cyprus instead as due to fly on Monday, beacuse of our documentation we had the choice of kenya, sri lanka, florida or cyprus, but because of the short notice there were only flights to cyprus...finding very hard to get excited as the moon palace was my dream destination

    Oh, hon, thats really sad.....was this to get married or for your honeymoon? I'm getting married in two weeks in Cyprus and Its absolutley amazing!! You'll still have a brilliant time!! Plus, mexico wont be out of bounds forever, you can still have a 'replacement' holiday when this all blows over! Hope you still have a wonderful timexxx
  • sonia62uksonia62uk Posts: 341
    We're supposed to be going on our honeymoon there and we're trying to find alternative places that we might like to go, should we be offered the chace to cancel.

    We're not going to 23rd June.

    In reality, there are about 2500 case in Mexico. Of that about 160 people have died.

    Thats in a country with a population of about 109,955,400 or 200 million. So in those terms the chances of catching swine flu whilst you are there are 1 80000 or less than 0.00125% and the chances if dying from swine flu are about 1 in 1 250 000 or 0.00085%.

    Given that, the chances of dying in a plane crash are 1 in a million or 0.0001%. So were more likely to die getting there than of flu! Not maybe much of a help to most people.

    I think what we are experiencing at the moment is a kneejerk reactin similar to that of SARS of or BIRDFLU ! Can you remember BIRDFLU - how we tracked it progress acros the world as we waited for the almost certain death that it would bring to all humanity...blink and you'd miss it tho girlies cos it dissapeared and here we all still are. To anyone travelling after May 10th - I say -try not to worry, everything will work itself out - have a lovely Wedding / honeymoon - I know we will whereever it is!
  • bride-25bride-25 Posts: 26
    We were due to fly out to Mexico on 1oth May. TC are only cancelling flights until 8th May so we only had the option to transfer within the TC group and weren't entitled to a full refund, unless of course we waited to see if our flights were cancelled too at a later date.

    We were told that Barbados, Dom Rep, Cuba, Jamaica, antigua and the seychelles could all do weddings at short notice but the availability is totally rubbish at such short notice so we were looking at 3 star hotels rather than the 5 star we booked in Mexico.

    We finally chose a beautiful hotel in Barbados but we still don't know if they can actually do the wedding but we had to book to save losing the holiday if they do confirm the wedding. (And it cost us more)

    All I can say ladies is do not be fobbed of with whatever old crap they have left, stand your ground and keep your chins up. For those of us that d have to change our plans we will all find an alternative and we will have a beautiful and memorable day!

    Good luck to everyone else who is in the same situation, thinking of you all
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