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Table centre pieces - HELP!!!

I need some advice about table centre pieces. We are getting married in Gibraltar next year and I have organised everything myself rather than using a wedding planner. However, I am struggling with table centre pieces. I wanted to have gerbera and bear grass in tall thin vases, however, the wedding reception venue doesn't have vases. I really can't be taking vases from the UK to Gibraltar!! As it is I am going to need extra allowance. Can anyone suggest anything else as a centre piece??? Do I need centre pieces?? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • I'm not sure whether i'm going to bother with any.

    I suppose i'll decide nearer the time!

    I realised yesterday that organising and getting on a normal holiday is bad enough especially me, my cases are normally overweight anyway!!!!

    We must be mad!

    What about asking the place where your wedding is? What do they suggest?

    Good luck!

  • Shell19ukShell19uk Posts: 676
    Hi Kelly,

    If you really want them have you thought about getting them over here and have them couriered over?

    I specifically knew what I wanted for my table decorations and didn't want anyone else choosing them so thats what I'm doing

    A large box weighing 20kg's is costing me £70 fully insured and trackable to Cyprus so a few vases shouldn't work out to expensive.


  • Shell

    Thanks for your suggestion. Which company are you using?
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