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Wedding in Paphos - Help! Please

Hello i'm new here and would love some advice. I am planning to get married in September 2010 in Paphos and really want to book St Georges Chapel. I will have about 35 guests. What would you suggest on how to go about this. I am going to Cyprus in June for 2 weeks to look at venues for receptions and thigs. Do i need to get a wedding planner or go through travel agents i'm so confused?!?! The thing is i will not beable to get out there till we go for the wedding next year so i want to get things underway so i know what i'm looking for when i go this year.

Any help would be appreciated!!

Thank you

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  • arrybellaarrybella Posts: 42
    Hi aimee

    We are just in the beginning stages of planning a Paphos wedding for 2010 too! After so much confussion and worrying about what to do (wedding planner/tour operator/do it yourself) we have decided to go with a wedding planner after reading so many fantastic reviews about them on here and other forums! We are using Ruth at Paphos prestige but there are loads of others (cyprus dream weddings, all with great reviews). She will book the venue and reception and organise local suppliers etc so no need to worry about it. Also if thinking of a tour operator then the brochures aren't actually out for another month of so! We are still going to use a tour operator to book the holiday just not the wedding element. You are lucky that you are going out to cyprus in June this year to have a look before your big day - if you use a wedding planner you could meet them out there and go through plans etc!

    Hope that helps

  • smwallsmwall Posts: 583
    my friend got married there last August and booked the wedding through her tour operator and booked the reception direct with the hotel by phone calls and emails with the catering manager.

    it really is up to you and how much you want to do yourself.

    i am getting married abroad booked the holiday and sorted a planner over there and i think its fab but you have to be confident to do your paperwork that way.

    the church is quite small and im not sure you will get 35 people seated inside im afraid but it is very beautiful
  • lizzyjaylizzyjay Posts: 52
    I too am getting married at St George's. I went over to Paphos and had a look at the churches and town Halls, I loved St George's the most as it is on a small hill top infront of the sea, very pretty. My wedding co-ordinator is Stella from Zaffronweddings, she took me around to see various locations and venues. I can recommend her highly she has been so helpful and I feel happy that I have gone with a private weding co-ordiantor and not a tour company.

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