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Hiya Ladies,

I know we still ahve ppl on here who have already gotten married..So was after your help.

I am looking to get the BBQ for the Rondevel, I have approx 40-45 people coming, the weddings at 4.00 finished by 5 as im having a religious one...

Taking into account people will ahve eaten by 4 before they come to the wedding and it being hot/different country. Im wondering how big the spreads come up?

Do i need to count every member of the party or do i just order half? 3 1/4 the amount of food? I dont want the food to go to waste really, and if i can budget this i will get more money for other bits.

Any help would be great



  • Oh thats a really good question i have also booked the rondavel and im having the bbq buffet.

    Also getting married at 4pm
  • MrsGeorginaMrsGeorgina Posts: 226
    I know.... It would help so much if someone could give us a lil more info... WATCH THIS SPACE hee hee
  • bearbonesbearbones Posts: 114
    me too!!?? will the hotel let you order a different number of people for food than are actually there? xx
  • andreahulmeandreahulme Posts: 193
    Hey Miss Georgina

    Unfortunately as far as I am aware, you pay for your wedding dinner per head for their place setting(Euros 55 each) regardless of what menu you choose (e.g. 5 course, buffet, BBQ etc). However it is half price for children under 12. Other brides on here who have had the BBQ always say there is loads left over (probably the greek way to get everyone to eat as much as possible! ha ha!). That said, with the current climate maybe you could try and haggle down the price but I know the Rondavel always seems to get booked up pretty quickly so not sure how easy that would be,

    Good luck!

  • sharon30uksharon30uk Posts: 128

    I'm almost positive the hotel charges per person even if you know a lot will go to waste. I remember from my original paperwork plus when you have your meeting with Marios when you arrive everything is worked out on how many guests you have!!!! Although we didn't have the BBQ buffet the food is amazing and you'll not be disappointed!!!

    Good Luck x
  • MrsGeorginaMrsGeorgina Posts: 226
    I thought the BBQ was on the beach and wasnt a propper sit down meal...Am i right in thinking this?

    Thanks for your replies, really helpful!...

    Some guests were coming for the dinner and afternoon but some were going to be coming after that...I didnt think this would be a problem ut now im not to sure???

  • sharon30uksharon30uk Posts: 128
    Unless it's changed the BBQ isn't served directly on the beach. All the food will be placed at the Rondevel so that your guests can help themselves and sit down to eat. Your views are directly onto the beach/sea!!!

  • happytimesukhappytimesuk Posts: 4,074
    Yes thats right, the bbq is a sit down meal in the rondavel, which is right next to the sea. And you have to pay per head. I tihnk you could still have guests AFTER the meal, but what will they do from the ceremony (5) to the evening (9)? (bbq usually served at 7) xx
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