Sunrise Beach Hotel, Protaras - Cyprus.


I am new to all this..!!!

I have recently got angaged after nearly 6 years together!!

I am a travel agent and I am wanting to get married in Cyprus in 2011, Iv been looking through brochures and websites and I have come accross the Sunrise Beach Hotel in Protaras and it looks amazing!!

I have never been to Cyprus before but I have booked many people there on their holidays year after year and never heard a bad word about it!!

Has anyone ever been to this hotel or got married here??

If you could send me any information at all that may help me: picures, wedding and reception venues, reception menus etc... That would be great.

Or if anyone can reccommend any other hotels in Cyprus..??




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  • Hi Nicola

    Congratulations on your engagment!!

    I'm getting married at the Sunrise in 7 weeks so don't suppose I can be of much help, but I can tell you that if you e-mail the wedding dept at Sunrise([email protected]) they will forward you all the menus with prices and pictures of their 2 wedding venues.

    Hope this is of some help to you and good luck with everything

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