Getting married at Italian lake costs?


Got engaged a week ago and trying to decide where to get married!!! image

Is anyone getting married at a lake in Italy (Como or Guarda perhaps)? Was just wondering how much approx. it would cost?.

Why are there never any example prices on websites!!?!!

I see from previous posts that Italian Lakes seems like a good site to use.

Would love to get married and have about 20 - 25 guests.

Looks sooooo lovely and we have around 12 - 15k to spend but don't know if this is enough or what we can get for our money??

Any help would be great!




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    jo - for that price & that few guests you would get the most spectacular awesome wedding including a planner doing absolutely everything for you - literally you would just need to choose your clothes & arrive!

    we've just got married (with no planner - i detest them!!) at Malcesine, Lake Garda, and it cost around £7000, for 21 guests, including us & 3 kids taking 3 days to drive there and back, with hotels food tolls etc en route... had we flown it would've saved a fortune!

    have a read through:

    there are a LOT of pages, but also a LOT of info - page 10 will start you at October 2008, which was when i got sucked in lol!

    good luck - will be nice to hear what you decide!!

    btw - basic costs:

    legal stuff: £500

    flowers (2 x bouquets, table arrangements for ceremony & reception & 15 buttonholes)

    reception: £2000 including 7 course meal, wine & DJ

    photographer: £500

    have just today worked out all our costs, so if you want to know anything else, give me a shout thru my profile - we found that wedding planners will charge £1000 for photos & £500 for flowers - massively excessively priced given what you can find with just a small amount of effort!! plus if you do your research properly, you'll get exactly what you want from it, as opposed to what wedding planners make the most commission onimage

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  • Wow! thanks - that's very exciting image

    Perhaps we can save some of the money for a big party when we come back.

    Congrats on becoming Mrs WW! image

    Where about's did you stay?? (if you don't mind me asking). And how come you drove? Was there trouble with flights?

    Can I ask what month you went as well and what the weather was like??

    A wedding planner does sound easier but I would worry about knowing if I had a good company dealing with it all. I have no idea how I would go about researching things myself??

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