Footwear in Cyprus

Hey girlies,

I want to find out what everyone is wearing on their feet for thier Cypriot wedding?!

I have a Maggie dress, Stella so any recommendations on footwear.

Has anyone or is anyone thinking of fancy flipflops at all?

Thanks in advance! ;\)


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    OMG spelt their wrong above, sorry!
  • farrell69farrell69 Posts: 112
    I had this dilema too! Ive gone for silver strappy low heal sandals from Dorothy perkins (a bargain) and then I saw some flip flops in New Look (my fav store!) white with flowers on them, maybe to change into. I too have a maggie dress (Julie).

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  • camillarose1camillarose1 Posts: 6,254
    R u getting married in Cyprus this yr? Thanks for replying! Love Julie, what colour?
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    I bought some great flip flop type diamontee things from next for £11!!! Still dont know if I'll use them, but tried them on yesterday with my maggie dress and all looked ok in the mirror... think it's my mind playing tricks that I "cant just wear flip flops on my wedding day"... ideally I'll go barefoot in Thailand in December, but need something as backup just incase the sand is too hot!!! i have a pic if you want, email me and I'll send it on... RP x
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    I get married on a yacht in Cyprus in less than 6 weeks. These are my shoes from Faith:

    I must warn you, when buying shoes with diamantes, be careful as some will snag your dress, these ones from Faith have lots of diamantes but they have been rounded off so they are smooth and won't snag my dress.

    I hope this helps x
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    Mrs-F-2-Be they look lovely! good find!!! Im a Mrsftobe also lol!

    All the best for your wedding! Thanks for the info too x

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