help!!! gettin married in cyprus....

hi, me an my partner are gettin married in peiya town hall nxt may an r unsure of a reception venue, we want a traditional meze and a relaxed and informal do wiv around 10-15 guests, sumwhere wiv sea views if poss!! we were plannin 2 stay at corallia beach hotel at coral bay bt heard sum really bad reviews now havnt got a clue!! even considerin maybe polis?? we got a lil boy who wil b 3 wen we get married an hel b with us so is important that its gd 4 families also seaviews aswel we know the beaches rnt great in paphos bt wuld b gd 2 hav beach close, ne help will b greatly appreciated!!! am feelin sooooooooo confused!! lol fanx


  • Hiya,

    We're having our wedding an reception on a yacht in harbour.

    We are having sea star cos we've got about 30 guests but they do smaller boats too.

  • evedaviesevedavies Posts: 193
    we did look into the yacht idea aswell...jus keep changing r minds lol too much choice!!
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    Im having mine at Ficardos in Paphos - ???????25 per adult and ???????6 for kids (chicken nuggets etc) the Adults are having a traditional meze.

    My auntie lives in Cyprus, she has been to the restaurant ans ate there and said it was lovely.

    The guy Nikolas is so helpful x
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    yeh i saw that one whe we went over there last month and have heard good things about it, it sounds reasonably priced 2 compared 2 sme ive seen,

    has any one heard of neraida sea view tavern? ne ideas what its like? and the doria has been reccomended, ne reviews on either wuld b greatly apprecited!! thanks!!
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    We're having ours at The Romantica restaurant in Paphos- very nice and not too badly price
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    We our having our reception with 9 guests at the kefalos beach has really good reviews and our tables will be set out in the taverna in the hotel grounds right by the sea...were are also staying in that hotel so ot far for us to crawl at the end of the night and would be easy wi a baba too not far to take him to bed?

    hope this helps

    this hotel was also highly recomended by our wedding planner

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    hi, me an my partner are gettin married in peiya town hall nxt may an r unsure of a reception venue, we want a traditional meze and a relaxed and informal do wiv around 10-15 guests, sumwhere wiv sea views if poss!!

    Hi Eve Davies,

    If I were you, I would seriously consider teh following:

    - Nikoklias Inn in Nikoklia village. Marvellous settings. Beautiful.

    - Demokritos taverna in paphos. Does greek dancing, show and glass balancing and all that. Very popular

    - St George's Taverna - you keep eating until you say 'Stop!'

    They are all popular and always used for wedding receptions.
    Sorry calm but i must disagree Demokritos is in bar street not ideal for a wedding reception and St Georges taverna No Thanks if you have more than 20 guests you cannnot all sit together!!! no sea-view and on a busy road with constant roadworks.
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    We are having our reception at Romanticas as well for about 10 people. It has some good reviews and they have been really helpful!
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    The only rason why I mentioned Demokritos and St George's Taverna is that on TripAdvisor, lots of brides loved those places. I gather you're Cypriot and you probably think they're average.

    Demokritos may be in on the bar street however one time I saw the entire place decked out with long tables covered in white table clothes and pink ribbons, pink bows and pink stuff and it looked beautiful. At the far end of the restaurant, there were other tables for other customers to sit at and eat.

    St George's Taverna is cheap. That's why it appeals to many people. Some brides can't afford the full luxury of Zaffron food for example.

    Romantica is a good restaurant and I've eaten there. Good food!
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    thanks for all your suggestions ill b doin sum research, has ne1 heard of vardas?? this has been reccomended by wedding planner and cant eem 2 find ne info/pics!!
  • calm041006calm041006 Posts: 140
    I have heard of Vardas but only on this website and tripadvisor. But the funny thing was I'd never heard of Vardas till I was on YAYW and TA!

    I remember a thread on this website about Vardas. Probably on the 8th or 9th Page!
  • evedaviesevedavies Posts: 193
    thanks ill have a look, does ne1 no anything bout doria also? Have heard some gd tnings but would like other peoples opinions jus wondered how close it is2sea a is it possible2have sunset pics by the beach?? Any help greatly appreciated lol its all soooooo confusin givin myself a headache!!!!
  • calm041006calm041006 Posts: 140
    From what I've read on this website and TA, Doria is by the sea and you can have sunset pictures there.
  • cyprusncyprusn Posts: 355

    Vardas is right on the beach, in fact it has its own little beach and you will get fabulous sunset shots there, assuming your photographer is still around for sunset. I agree with Paphoseleni about anywhere that is in Bar Street, really really not a good idea for a wedding reception, even if they make the restaurant look lovely, it would still be in Bar Street and you would get loads of drunken partiers, which may not be what you want during your speeches. Great for a Hen night, not so good with your granny there.


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    We have Just returned from paphos, as we got married on the 10th of june, we had are reception at vardas it is about 15 minutes from paphos towards coral bay it is a lovely setting you can watch the sunset and get some beautiful photo's. We also had a meat meze and it was nice, 20 different dishes. I have the menus if you require them, the owners name is george.I also have his email address if you want it, his spelling is not very good but you will understand what he means.:
  • evedaviesevedavies Posts: 193
    thanks for your reply glad to actually hear from someone whos used it for their venue!!! bin tryin 2 research bt wiv not much luck!! it looks lovely only bin able 2 find a few pics on net bt the views 2 the sea r exactly wot we want!! my weddin planner has bin in touch wiv him bt he says they wont book 4 nxt may till september :\? if you wouldnt mind sendin me them details would be much appreciated thank you email is [email protected]
  • MrsDickson2bMrsDickson2b Posts: 390
    Hi muchie

    I've been trying to look into having my reception at

    Vardas, i have been sent some photos but that is all i have managed to get. Would you be able to send me the menu's and george's details please. My e-mail is: [email protected]

    Also i may sound really stupid asking this, but what exactly does a traditional meze consist of?

  • cyprusncyprusn Posts: 355

    Its not a stupid question if you've never had a meze. A meze is a traditonal Cypriot meal made up of many many different dishes that are served one after the other. You would typically start off with dips and pittas, such as Tsatziki, houmous, taramasolata and a village salad with Feta in it. Then they start bringing different cooked meats and sausages and dolmades and chops and maybe stifado and some vegetable dishes and often chips. There is a complete variety of foods, flavours and dishes. And there will be lots and lots of it. Its a lovely meal, Its not posh, its not fancy but it is fabulous and many of the tavernas specialise in Meze. If you are getting married in Cyprus it is a great way to go with the Cypriot tradition. If you have I hope you enjoy it.

    hth cyprusn
  • MrsDickson2bMrsDickson2b Posts: 390
    Thanks cyprusn

    I was wondering because it sounds like a nice thing to have because it will br different to the usual roast dinner that people usually have at their weddings over here. But i had to ask because my mum is allergic to cheese, but i take it you would be able to ask for no chese in the stuff that my mum has?
  • calm041006calm041006 Posts: 140
    If there is cheese, it helps to know which dishes have cheese in it.

    Ravioli has cheese in it. Halloumi is cheese. Feta is a cheese. You can ask for salads without feta or put feta on a side plate for other guests to have it.

    Most meat dishes don't have cheese in it.
  • cyprusncyprusn Posts: 355

    they normally bring each dish separately with say 6 portinos of that dish on a platter, so your Mum would not have her own dishes as it were. However I'm sure if you ask them to point out which of the dishes have cheese, she could avoid those. She will not go hungry though, believe me, there will still be plenty of choice for her.



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