hi evry1, any1 gettin married in spain? cheers, Helen image


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    I looked into it Helen however couldn't as not catholic ;o( x
  • Spain is lovely to get married in as is Gran canaria there are some stunning locatons and venues there, are a fantasic planning company who will help you have the day you have always dreamed off..
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    thanks butterfly'

    perfectsunshine, do u have 2 b catholic 2 get married in spain? as i am not! cheers, helen image
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    A friend of mine has a solicitor friend out in Malaga and forwarded this:

    To get married in Spain you must have a Catholic Church wedding - The Catholic church is the only church that can register a wedding in Spain for non-residents. Further to this you will be provided with an international marriage certificate which is recognised worldwide

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    Hi Excited Hb,

    We are planning on getting married in Mallorca next year, going to look at venues next week, very excited! From what I can tell you can only get married in Spain if you have been a resident there for 2 years. We plan on getting married here in a registry office then going to Mallorca for a blessing in a church by an anglican vicar that lives there. It is a full service the only difference is that we don't sign the register. We have been told that the Catholic and Christian churches have a good relationship there so as Christians we can still have a blessing in a catholic church!

    Hope that helps!

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    thanks evry1, looks like spain is otta the question then as i'm not religious. hbimage

    p.s.have you booked your wedding first then waiting to book the holiday/accommadation??
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    We have just booked our wedding in Spain for Sept 2010. The wedding will be in the North and I called up the Embassy in Barcelona to see whether it is possible and they said yes. We are having a civil service in a beautiful old palace.

    There are a lot of people who say you can't get married in Spain but if you want to know the truth I would suggest calling up the embassy nearest to where you want and ask them. There will be a specific department for weddings.

    Check before you rule it out!

    Here is the info they sent me. The two years can be in any EU country so we will prove we have been resident in the UK for 2 yrs and our bans will be read out at the Islington Registry office!

    ??????? Certificate of Civil Status and Capacity to marry*

    ??????? A Certificate of Residence showing your address during the last two years. Your Town Hall usually issues this. If you have been Resident in Spain for Two Years and have not registered with your town hall if have been registered at the Consulate-General, this certificate can be issued there.

    ??????? Your Full Birth Certificate (long Version) legalised and translated.

    ??????? Photocopy of your passport and if resident a copy of your Residence Permit

    ??????? In the event of you being widowed, your previous marriage certificate and death certificate of your late spouse. In the event of you being divorced, Your marriage certificate and divorce decree.

    ??????? The completed application form.

    ??????? Two Photocopies of all the above documents.

    Please see over for details on how to obtain these documents.

    *If you are resident in the UK you will need to post your notification of marriage with your local church or Registry Office, once this is complete, the document they will give you will require the Hague Apostille to be affixed (Legalisation). If you are resident in Spain the Consulate General in Barcelona will post the notification and issue the Certificate of no impediment and Civil Status for you in the local language.

    Please note that all foreign documents issued in the UK will require the Hague Apostille to be affixed to them. For information on how to do this, please check the following web page:

    Once you have the Apostille affixed your documents they will all need to be translated by a Sworn Translator in Spain. Please do not get the translations done before affixing the Apostille

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  • hi there, my fiance and I have been looking at getting married abroad, and have a family holiday planned for end of September this year for 10 days. my question is this. we are staying in Ibiza, and I don't think we will be able to do it there as I'm not Catholic but christian, and is an atheist. but could we stay in Ibiza and get married in Barcelona? 

    as it came to our heads to do an impromptu wedding while there. thanks. xxx image

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    excited hb, have you looked into Portugal?! We are getting married there in May 2014. There are no rules to getting married there. Just need to get birth certificates translated and meet the registrar prior to the wedding.


  • Im getting Married in Spain in  in Calella De Palafrugell in Catelonia. we are not Catholic, so decided to have a registry office ceremony here, ust us and 2 witnesses for the 'paperwork' side of things, then have a blessing over there. We are treating the blessing as if it were our official wedding and will have family and friends coming over for it.

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