Has anyone's wedding dress ever been lost?

I am travelling to South Africa for my wedding once all the plans are finalized. Haven't yet booked our flights but from the sounds of things will definitely not be flying BA!

Has anyone checked their dress into the hold, and reached their destination only to discover their baggage/ wedding dress missing, cos they couldn't carry it as hand luggage???

Also, after reading some of the posts re. BA and Thomas Cook etc, would be interested to hear of other's experiences with the airline they flew or are flying on!

This advice would definitely come in handy when booking my own tickets!


  • bride1bride1 Posts: 1,664

    i flew with airtours and they were fantastic. i took my dress onboard with me and the crew took it and hung it up for me. they also did this on the way back.

  • donna24577donna24577 Posts: 2,906
    Oh my gosh i don't wanna even thin k about it, what a nightmare it would be. Not yet booked our flight, so i will be intrested in the answers on here

    Nightmare thoughts
  • yes pleeeeeeease tell us what your plans are regarding packing your wedding dresses!!
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    I am considering taking mine on board as hand luggage (luckily my dress isn't a big meringue!) although the airline has said that I can put it in the hold as additional luggage (which they won't charge for) but I think that it's still at risk of going missing if it goes into hold. I think it's a small risk but still.... for something so important, I didn't want to take a chance.

    I think it's worthwhile checking with your airline to find out what their policy is.

    A minefield, aint it??
  • im really scared about this too,ive been told only will be able to put it in the hold
  • Hey Nikita86 - How big is your dress?

    What I am going to do is contact the airline direct and see whether they will let me hang the dress in the cabin..if not...then I will be buying one of the wedding dress boxes - In hang luggage size - So with the new regulations this is MUCH smaller now....It does squeexe into the box and it will be the last thing I do the day I travel and the the first thing I unpack on the 3 1/2 hour transfer from the aiport to the hotel!! I am also investing in a hand held steamer (which I think I get free with my dress anyway). If you are able to do this then its a dead cert to get on the plane with you but I do know that if you do this a lot of UK operators will allow this only as your 1 peice of hand luggage so hubby to be will be sacrificing his bag space for my tiara my contact lenses (cant go without!) and any jewellery!! I am hoping to get little hand luggage trolleys for my 2 bridesmaids to carry their tiny dresses (they are only 4) and making up some fun travel packs for them to sell the idea of carrying their own luggage!!

    I always panic that my luggage will be lost ( I holiday alot!) and it hasnt happended yet and I think this year will be the year and I will be sooooooooooo unhappy! Dont forget good travel insurance and good wedding insurance!!

    Hope this helps


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    I was promised by my airline last year when we booked that i'd be able to take my dress as hand luggage -

    BEWARE - the law has changed because of security, even if your airline say it can go as hand luggage i know for sure that BA security at Heathrow airport will not allow it and you must put your dress in a suitcase to go in the hold of the plane!!!!!!

    I know this because it says on their website that wedding dresses must go in the hold unless you can squash it into your hand luggage size allowance - which most people can't.

    Good Luck everyone, i fly in just over 3 weeks and am so worried that it wont be there when we arrive but theres nothing i can do.

  • hiya

    i am in bangkok, having a few weeks holiday before we get married in koh samui on the 11th. we flew last saturday on BA from Heathrow and I had no worried taking it on as hand luggage. I couldn't take a handbag, but it was fine!! It was in a carbaord box from ebay.

    no worries!!

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