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Hairdressers in Santorini


Who are you using as your hairdresser? I was using Savva as recommended by my hotel, they needed a deposit (as expected), but the problem is for a 34 euro deposit my bank want to charge me £9 bank charges this side and there would be then bank charges from the other side. I have sent an email to express this, and they are not replying to my emails. I have asked if there is another way I could pay my deposit e.g. Paypal or sending cash, and still no reply. I think I need to look for another hairdresser.

Can anyone make any recommendations?




  • My hotel has recommended the same hairdresser but I found 150??????? very expensive. There must be another hairdresser on the island for sure! I'll let you know if/when I find another one.

  • nickipinknickipink Posts: 98
    Unfortunately from the research I have done I think this price is about normal, which is disgusting really. I was going to do my hair myself but think I will end up getting too stressed out doing it.

  • My friends are still practising doing my hair but because they are not professionals, looks like I have to pay to have my hair done... They are going to do my make up so that will save few ??????????????.
  • backshellbackshell Posts: 72
    Looked into booking this hairdresser too, but to come out to hotel plus makeup will cost e230!! With the exchange rate the way it is, not such a good bargain!!

    My mum and i will be practising very hard to perfect my hair. I only want a very simple half up do, so makes it even harder to justify spending so much money!

    Good luck with your search
  • NickiPink, hopefully not too late yet, I have asked another option to pay the deposit and I got a reply:"Another option to confirm your appointment with us, is to provide your credit card details and if for some reason you cancel the appointment, within a week of the wedding we will have to charge you a cancellation fee of 20%."

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  • joanne1977ukjoanne1977uk Posts: 141
    Hi there are other hairdressers in Santorini I remember seeing one on te way to Fira from Kamari but I didn't go in so don't know the prices or how well their english would be.Then there is hair and soul in Oia which our wedding planner uses that have similar prices to Sawa.Sorry not much help....I didn't get time to look at hairdressers while i was there to busy looking at the Island and places for the reception.
  • Looks like we just gonna have to pay...

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  • nickipinknickipink Posts: 98
    Hi Blue Sapphire

    I got that reply from Savva. I have given them my credit card details and have booked them for my wedding.

    Thank you for your help

    Nicki xxx
  • I still haven't decided or booked the hairdresser. I better hurry...

    I wonder if someone could recommend a hairdresser in Santorini?
  • bellaukbellauk Posts: 357
    I got married 24th May 2007 and used Katherine at Hair & Soul in Oia. She did a fantastic job. She is a little bit expensive but I think totally worth it.

    I visited her in Santorini about 1 week before the wedding. This was just for a consultation. She then came to our hotel, on the day and recreated the same style. My hair looked amazing. My hubby still goes on about how great it looked.

    I would definately recommend Hair & Soul.

  • Ann18Ann18 Posts: 1

    I'm arriving and I'm a very experienced English hairdresser from Newcastle trained with Vidal Sassoon  28 may - 3 sept  and I will charge 30-50'euros 

  • Hi for future reference in case you have to pay any more deposits use a website called TransferWise - the charge is so low banks are such a rip off! I used this site to pay a deposit on my flowers x

  • Anna88Anna88 Posts: 1

    Ann18 are you Saying you are in Santorini for August 2015 for wedding hair? I need a hairdresser for 7th August for myself and bridesmaid

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