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message in a bottle invitations/save the date? where?!

Hi all,

just wondered if anyone knows where to get message in a bottle invitations from? i am quite keen to make my own, so does anyone know where to get some small bottles from? I can always do the invites myself at home, but i am struggling to know where to get the bottles from?! HELP!!

O xx:\?


  • Carterb2bCarterb2b Posts: 203
    Hi Olsi

    I made my own message in a bottle invites and all my guests loved them. I got my bottles from the US in the end as I really struggled to find what I was lookin for in the UK, I got them from here

    I just got the bottle which came with the sand and tiny shells and the starfish that ties round the bottle.

    All in all I think for 40 bottles it cost about £90 with all the taxes so not cheap.

    I then made trreasure map invitations that rolled up and popped in the bottle.

    Heres some pics of mine

    Have fun making them, I did

  • aimee0307aimee0307 Posts: 206
    they are brilliant!! how much did it cost to send them??
  • aimee0307aimee0307 Posts: 206
    did you do save the date or just send these out??
  • kelly1234ukkelly1234uk Posts: 93
    they are brill... makes me wanna get married abroad just tohave them as invites lol x
  • Carterb2bCarterb2b Posts: 203
    we ended up just sending these out because we kinda knew who was comin n who was not right from when we booked it! I saw some great ideas for save the dates tho which I wish I had done! Things like post cards ,flip flop fridge magnets!

    We delivered most of the bottles by hand because out family/friends all live quite near to us! I did post 2 of the bottles and I think it cost about £4.00?

  • olsixxolsixx Posts: 10
    Hi Carterb2b,

    Thank you for your great ideas!! They looked absolutely fantastic! Did you buy boxes for them as well? If so where from?

    xx Olivia xx
  • Carterb2bCarterb2b Posts: 203
    I bought the boxes from clintons, I was cheeky and asked for a discount becasue I was buying so many! They were a £1.00 in the shop and they knocked 50% off..bargain ha ha

  • BamalooBamaloo Posts: 1,048
    Oooh I want to do the same but they're not cheap, did anyone find any cheaper than the OP???

  • lauracoylelauracoyle Posts: 129
    I'm doing messeage in a bottle invitations for my wedding in Cyprus.

    I've been buying the mini bottles of win from Asda (think 4 for £5) and once i've enjoyed the wine i've washed out taken the stickers of and cleaned.

    Just need to by cork lids and then will add the sand, shells (collected from our last trip to the beach) and a nice scroll (like the idea of a tresure map though and a piece of string that i've frayed with a tag on it with the RSVP round the bottle.

    Laura x
  • BamalooBamaloo Posts: 1,048
    That's a great idea Laura!!

    *stumbles off to asda to buy the vino*

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