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Has anyone used Cyprus Dream Weddings?

Has anyone used cyprus dream wedding? are they any good? x


  • No idea, but Cyprus Moments are crap, don't use them under any circumstances
  • I haven't used them yet, but from my enquiries they have been extremely helpful!
  • wedcowedco Posts: 268

    I've only heard of them glancing through websites, aren't they in Paphos??

    I've live in Cyprus, and have been doing weddings for the past 5 years, but never come across them - sorry

    However if you need a hand, advice or anything, just let me know.

    Kerry x
  • ycchickycchick Posts: 81

    We have not used cyprus dream weddings as they seemed a bit pricey and took ages to reply to emails. We have used they have been fantastic, igor rang me to confirm that he had recieved the first email within 40 mins of sending it.

    A total stressfree way to plan a wedding, totally recommended

  • furballukfurballuk Posts: 603

    we have gone through cyprus dream wedding we booked it over a yr and 3 months ago!!! they do reply to every email you send and lakis one of the co-ordinators is very helpful, although the only thing i would say if you go for a package just be aware there is extras that pop up, which we thought were all included in package little things really, that you would expect if getting married in england.

    also they do take a few days sometimes to get back to you with any emails you send, but i can say i have not had a bad experience with them, just those two things....and everthong is well organise dand all done for you. im getting married next month and all i can say is i cant wait now, its getting to the point where all i am dreaming and thinking about and talking about is the wedding....if you need any more advise i am here to help as been with cdw for quite awahile now, dont dismiss them they are very good.
  • Hi There,

    Just been searching for CDW and i saw your posting. Hope you had a fab wedding I have also booked through CDW and was wondering how everything went for you when you arrived in cyprus. We are getting married next September st the Coral Beach Resort.

    Any feed back would be appreciated.


  • we where going to use them but they seem a bit pricy now for our wedding in 2009 they want to increase the stated price by £2000 after reading some previous posts im going to shop around so if anyone has any good ideas they are greatfully receved
  • nanauknanauk Posts: 990
    we have recently booked our wedding with as ycchick said they are very efficent and Igor got back to me as soon as I put my initial enquiry in . Our planner is Heather and she has been very good at answering all my e-mails .
  • happytimesukhappytimesuk Posts: 4,074
    Mrslack2b - I Are you getting married near ayia napa/nissi beach/protaras area? Kerry74 who posted message earlier is a co-ordinator in this area, and much cheaper than any website I found. She is very efficient and you tell her what you want in your package. I'm getting married in 2009 too, and due to my excitment and her oganisation, it's all pretty much sorted!!! I've read a few messages on here of people saying they wish they'd found out about her sooner! her email: [email protected] hope this helps! xx
  • viquibviquib Posts: 50
    Hi This is for Kerry74, i've seen you pop up quite alot on this site, kinda wish i'd booked you as our wedding planner, as i'm a little scared we've chosen poorly, we've gone with MedWeds, getting married in Sept 08 at Golden Coast then Sirena Bay for wee reception. Would you be able to advise me on things like photographer, makeup, hair???

    Many thanks

  • We just wanted to write a post letting people know what a horrible experience we have had with Cyprus Dream Weddings. After doing some research we liked what we read about CDW despite most of the favourable reviews being quite old.

    We first asked CDW to arrange our wedding in May 2015. Once we agreed to proceed we were sent an attachment which explained that it was necessary to be in Cyprus 3 working days before the ceremony. When we tried to incorporate this in the holiday Georgia our Cyprus Dream Weddings contact said there was no such law. This gave us some early concerns but we pressed on.

    In the following months we were twice asked what Hotel we would like to stay at despite confirming the first time. Cyprus Dream Weddings still managed to get our check out date wrong.

    We also found replies to communications were very slow for which their response was they were too busy. 

    By October this year we were 10 months from the big day and Cyprus Dream Weddings had sent us no information on anything from flower choices, to food to cars etc., absolutely nothing! By this time my partner and I had lost all confidence in Cyprus Dream Weddings and asked them to cancel the Wedding and refund the £850 we had given them. To our shock not only did they refuse the refund they actually asked for more money and referred us to their terms and conditions. We basically paid them £850 for a hotel and town hall booking.

    I appreciate some people have had good experiences with them but we found Cyprus Dream Weddings very unprofessional and extremely unreasonable. We are just glad we did not go eventually use them and have found a much more user friendly company now.

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