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I am getting married in Zanzibar in October 2007, I am finding it very strange and getting a little concerned as the resort I am getting married at seem to think getting there 2 days before is all the prep they'll need to arrange the day of my dreams, I am happy with an informal wedding but feel a little out of control, is this normal?

Having never married before I am unsure exactly what to do and what questions to ask, I would be grateful for any advice.image


  • Hi luluscrew,

    A lot of hotels internationally (even Cyprus) require only a couple days to set up, since they do this all the time!

    Their wedding co-ordinator will be in contact with all the supliers before you arrive anyway, so I don't think you shuld be worried.
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    Your not alone luluscrew... im getting married in jamaica, and have to be in the country for minimum of 42hrs, and have a meeting with the wedding co-ordinator the day after i arrive, so that doesn't leave much time!!

    They will have all the contacts for cakes, flowers, etc already and waiting.

    I know how your feeling.. as it's all the unknown.. im considering taking silk bouquet, buttonholes, corsages.. so at least we have a proper colour theme and i actually like the flowers..

    Other than that.. i'm going to leave it up to them! lol

    Try not to worry. Perhaps contact your wedding planner ask questions and queries that you have..

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