help paphos wedding

after booking our uk wedding we have now decided to cancel and get married in paphos! september 2010 (wish we just decided this to start rather than waste so much money) anyway im on a bit of a budget and wondered if anyone could recommend hotels/resturants that were nice but good value for money

i have seen that Avanti Hotel and Kefalos hotel are a good price but wondered if anyone has been married here/getting married here and if they have heard anything good/bad about them

any help would be much obliged



  • Shell19ukShell19uk Posts: 676

    We are getting married and having our reception at a restaurant called the Atlantida

    You actually get married just off the beach in their grounds then have a meal in the restaurant itself then you have exclusive use of the beach bar area for the evening

    Its worked out very reasonable for us, far cheaper and alot less formal than a hotel which is what we wanted

    We have are staying in a beautiful villa for 3 weeks and booked our flights seperately and independantly which again has worked out so much cheaper + we have our privacy etc

    Shell x
  • hi that sounds great - would you be able to advise a rough cost of the food drink etc - also do you have any pics of this place - if you would rather email me my address is [email protected]
  • Shell19ukShell19uk Posts: 676

    No Worries

    The meal is costing us 34 euro's per head for a traditional 4 course cypriot bbq that includes a glass of sparkley on arrival and for toast. That also includes all the gazebo and chair covers (which are upto 7 euros each elsewhere and the gazebo can be very expensive)

    There is no charge for the wedding there just the meal - you do have to pay for the registrar to come out but you do for anywhere other than the townhall's so would be the same ruling for hotels etc

    Here's some pics

    We are having chairs for our guests at the "wedding" as there are around 45/50 coming out with us

    If you have any questions feel free to ask

    Shell x
  • Hi there, we have recently got back from our wedding in paphos. And our guests were staying at the Kefalos hotel, and whilst it is a nice hotel i wouldnt recommend it for getting married there, as people were getting married under a gazebo right where everybody was sunbathing, and loads of apartments were just a couple of meters away, not very personally. Just my opinion anyway.

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