got married at Kalithea Spa

Got married in Rhodes at Kalithea Spa for anybody looking for a gorgeous venue that will kock your guests socks off this is it! It is an italian spa that has a beutiful pebble floor and arches that look out at the sea as you say your vows . It is inside so is cool but all the arches to the outside are open so you feel like you are getting married outside. If anyone wants to know anything about it would be happy to help.image


  • congrats! i have been looking at venues all over the place, i looked into this place but was unsure as i hadnt heard much abt it. do you have any pics? was it expensive? what was the food like?

  • KarlaPukKarlaPuk Posts: 40
    Hi, I just booked my wedding at kalithea spa. I haven't been there but seen lots of pictures and just booked it from them. What time did you get married? And what did you do for your reception? We have about 40 family and friends coming with us including about 10 kids so need something to accomodate all ages really.

  • gingerb2bgingerb2b Posts: 26
    congrats mrsbt2b i got married there on 7/7/09.becki-brooke i hired aya wedding who booked everything so not sure how much it would be to book on its own.there is no restaurant but does have a cafe.we got a nice gift from the spa and a certificate in english and greek from the mayor.the gardens were lovely.
  • Congratulations.. i have been looking over loads of sites to for a wedding in rhodes, cause we have booked our holiday to Kolymbia everything is so far away.. but i have opted for The Church of St Sophia it is located in the hillside with beautiful views.. Who did you use as your wedding planner??

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    Hi my cousin has just booked to get married here but she worried as she's staying at Kolymbia and she's not sure if she can get married there?????can anyone offer adice also does Kalithea allow you to have your reception there???? Thanks xx
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