Wedding Cars for Paphos

Hello everyone,

Just wondering what people are doing for wedding cars in Paphos and if you've booked yours before you have gone?

Thank you

Elle x


  • calm041006calm041006 Posts: 140
    Hi Elle,

    Typically, most people go for a white mercedes car which has a licence plate at the back saying 'Just Married' in a pretty red italic font. It is usually decorated with a white ribbon. At an extra cost, you can have flowers at the front.

    Most people prefer to get the car from Jack's Taxis. You can google him. A lot of wedding planners use him.

    There are also old cars available. I do know for a fact that you can hire an american car the Chevrolet which is blue and cream. An old Rolls Royce.

    You can also use a white horse drawing a white cart, ridden by a person in a very nice outfit.

    All sorts!!

    Hope this helps.

    Leah image
  • el4chrisel4chris Posts: 30

    Thank you very much for that reply, I'll google Jack's Taxis now, have you used any of them?

  • calm041006calm041006 Posts: 140
    I haven't used them but I've spoken to the lady (apparently she's from Dundee!) and I've seen their cars. They look very good and in good condition too.

    I've also heard about Steve's Taxi's too. They're strictly taxis and do exhursions but I've heard of them loaning out the white mercedes. I could be wrong. Best to double check.


  • Hi

    we used Jack's taxi to order a mini bus for our 20 guests to get from our hotel to the town hall and then from there to the reception and we just hired a car for us for same journey and it was a white car of some kind and had the just married on the number plate.

    Judy at Jack's Taxi's is fab, she replies to emails straight away. we booked before we flew and went to see them when we arrived in paphos to pay.
  • I have just got married in Paphos, the groom had the white mercedes and i had the horse and carriage and i have to say it was fab, everybody cheered and clapped as you passed, cars beeped their horns, felt like a princess image

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