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Hi All,

Just posting a link to wedding pics and pics of the party when we arrived back in Wales. Got married at the Paradisus Rio de Oro in Cuba on 11th June 2009. Hope it works!

Vic xx


  • MrsHyland2bMrsHyland2b Posts: 1,845
    Grr, just lost my reply! I said you look goreous hun, and you look like you had the most amazing time! x
  • emmalampkinemmalampkin Posts: 6,618
    Lovely pics hun, thanks for sharing. xxx
  • gina_nashgina_nash Posts: 18
    Wow stunning photos what a location! Your dress is beautiful- out of curiosity, how did you get it over there? Did you have it in a dress box as hand luggage or put it in the case in the hold? Did it get squashed? I am getting married abroad in Sep and am really worried my dress will be a crumpled mess by the time i get there!!! Any help/advice would be really appreciated....


    G x
  • VICKY441VICKY441 Posts: 39
    Hi thanks for the comments! We had a perfect day!

    The dress was put in a box from the empty box company which I bought online and they have the ones specifically for the airline you are flying with.

    When packing it I was distraught as we really had to squish it in and I thought it was going to be creased to hell but we got it out the other side and it was fine. We stayed in the resort for three days before the wedding and I hung it up in my mums room and any creases dropped out.

    One thing I will say though is that the check in in Gatwick questioned the box as although it fitted in the hand luggage rack thingie one way it didnt when turned around and they said it had to fit both ways - I was so angry at them and explained that the box was bought for the dimensions of the airline and they allowed me to take it on but not before threatening to make me put it in the hold (which it hadn't been packed for). I'm sure they were just being arsey though and when I explained what it was they allowed it anyway. Anyway it flew in the overhead lockers on the plane and it never left my sight. Pretty good job really as we packed shoes, veil, tiara, wedding rings and the dress in there!

    Hope this helps

    Vic xx
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