Cyprus -Has anyone used / heard of Jon Goodman videography?

Hi girls,

Please could anyone help me here? I have managed to locate someone who will do my DVD in North Cyprus for a a reasonable amount, and his website looks great. He is sending me a sample in the next week or so hopefully, but what I want to know, is has anyone ever used him? Or has anyone heard any reviews of him?

Thanks in advance girls. xx

This is his website:


  • njw_347njw_347 Posts: 484
    Anyone at all? Or does anyone have any recommendations for me?

  • cyprusncyprusn Posts: 355
    Have a look at I'm not sure if Dan does the north, but I know he is very good, and he may travel for you. It would be worth an ask


  • njw_347njw_347 Posts: 484
    Hi there, thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I did speak to Dan first, and he wasn't able to help as my wedding isn't till 4pm, and he said he works in the evenings. But I do agree, his work does look very good.

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