We're Not Exchanging Rings - Any Ideas For A Replacement?

Hi Everyone

Very odd one here... I dont like jewlery (dont like to touch it, wont even go in the shops!) as I have a weird kind of phobia (please dont laugh! ). Anyways... we now need to find something to exhange, as I dont want to use rings and then have them sit in a box for years and years...

Any ideas?!? :\)


  • BumbleBukBumbleBuk Posts: 23
    Could exchange cupcakes with romantic iced design. Rolled up scrolls with self-written romantic messages inside or funny self-written poems about each other. Alternatively, you could see a hypnotherapist before the wedding and try to get your phobia cured - I know it works for some people. Might sound funny but it's worth a try. Good luck. xxx
  • Hi BumbleB... great ideas! We really love the scroll idea, my other half is already thinking about what funny things he could write hehe! Thank you! x
  • laura_e2laura_e2 Posts: 160
    How about you do something with candles? you could have one each then use them to light one big one?

    never heard of a phobia like yours before, but i can't talk i'm scared of chickens!!!!!
  • BambagirlBambagirl Posts: 7,506
    I have an awful phobia which I don't much like to talk about so I can sympathise. I think the scroll idea is lovely.

    Another thing some couples do is to get tattoos but this is rather difficult to carry out as part of a marriage ceremony.

    Good luck!

    Bamba xx

    PS - if anyone's curious, I have a terrible fear of viewing people with a disfigurement or a deformity - especially when it's facial - not too bad these days when it's other parts of the body. At one time I would be in a terrible state if I noticed somebody had a finger missing. Believe it or not, I work with disabled people,
  • feelessfeeless Posts: 274
    how about each exchanging a garland of flower around each others neck.

    or you could do a hand fast as part of your ceremony knotting your hands together to symbolize your unity.

    i like the candle idea too
  • Guys these ideas are fantastic - thanks so much for helping me, i've been thinking about this for months! Everyone thinks i'm really odd (and mad as they are all excited about their potential rings) but I just laugh it off.... its quite good in a way as we've saved loads of money hehe!!

    Bambagirl - I havent heard of a fear like that before but glad to hear its getting better for you! x
  • pink_rulezpink_rulez Posts: 41
    i think the candle idea is good, im a strange person to i have a fear of swimming pool drains and sand so when im on holiday i cant win lol x
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